What To Do With Outgrown Baby Clothes

Here at Kip&Co, we’re on a mission to reduce the amount of textiles, clothing and fabric that ends up in landfill. We know that a lot of waste comes from the little tackers who tend to grow out of things faster than you can say “don’t put that in your mouth”. That’s why we've popped together a list of ideas on what you can do with your old baby clothes. The below guide will provide you with tips on how to recycle, reuse and up-cycle those outgrown baby clothes. 

1. Up-cycle Using

Upparel Kip&Co is proud to be part of the textile revolution. Through our partnership with Upparel, we can now offer customers the opportunity to up-use, upsell and uplift the value of their old textiles including baby clothes. Simply book a pick-up of your old textiles and clothes online, and you’ll receive a $25 Kip&Co voucher. The textiles will be either donated to charity, up-cycled into something new, or recycled into things like insulation or stuffing. Book your collection here - 

Book your collection here -

2. Hand-me-down

If you have baby clothes that your little one has outgrown, but are still in good condition, you can save these for your next child or hand these down to someone else. Check with friends, family, work colleagues and even neighbours who are expecting to see if they would like your outgrown baby clothes. By doing this, you are not only giving those clothes a new life to someone who needs them, but you are saving them from landfill, helping our planet one romper at a time. 

3. Save Your Special Items 

One of the most special things you can do is curate a collection of keepsakes to gift to your bub when they’re grown up. We think about 10-20 cherished items is this the perfecting starting point.

4. Get Crafty 

If you’ve got some special pieces of clothing, or items that are beyond repair, why not give them a new life as something else. Knit and cotton clothing can become great cleaning cloths, stuffing inserts and even bags. You can even up-cycle your old baby items into toy monsters, beeswax wraps and face masks by reading our sustainability blog. There are a bunch of easy guides on how you get crafty and repurpose old fabrics into everyday items.. 

5. Donate 

Donating your old, unused or outgrown baby clothes to charities or donation centers around Australia can have a bigger impact than you think. Families and individuals who have gone through hardship and crisis may have lost their access to essentials like clothing. Instead of throwing your old baby clothes away to landfill, send them to a worthy charity. Northbound Gear have gathered a list of charities around Australia who accept clothing donations, which is a great starting point.

Additionally, you can also donate outgrown or unused baby clothes (and other items) to mothers group charities. A network of volunteer run, not-for-profit organisations that distribute primarily children's and baby clothing & equipment to families in need across Australia. 

The below organisations provide services and equipment to their local communities who are in need. 


St Kilda Mums -

Mums Supporting Families In Need -


Mummies Paying It Forward -

Dandelion Support -

Roundabout Canberra -


Baby Give Back -


Treasure Boxes -


Tassie Mums -


Little Things For Tiny Tots -