A loyalty program that showers you with all the love you deserve - because baby, you’re beautiful (and you’ve got excellent taste in homewares!).

Bringing you all the features of a perfect date - never forgets your birthday, texts you first with all the hottest good goss, and showers you with special surprises. 

Best of all (this will get your heart racing) you'll be rewarded for your purchases - the more you shop, the more you get!

Tiers & Benefits

Six ways to earn points

600 points = $20 reward

Join the team

It's time to update your relationship status to taken! We're coming in hot with a fat $10 reward to spend. (Plus, when you move up a tier, you get another gift...so much love, all for you!)

$1 = 1 point earned

Shop with us!

We knew you were a keeper the first time we met - AND you've got great taste in homewares! Is there anything you can't do?!

$20 - $40 / 600 - 1200 PTS

Birthday Treat

Gonna party like it's your birthday! Get a $20 reward (or more) on your birthday, just for being you!

$15 / 450 points

Refer a pal

Don't keep this a secret! Give your pal a $15 reward to put towards their first purchase and get $15 yourself when they shop with us. It's a win, win baby!

150 points / $5

Share a review

Let others know about the goodies you've bought from Kip&Co and we'll gift you 150 points.

(Note: You must be a verified shopper of the item to earn points.)

75 points / $2.50

Follow us on instagram

Let's get social together. Follow us on Instagram, from the Dream Team page once you're logged in, and we'll gift you 75 points.

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