Baby Sleep Tips To Tackle Daylight Savings

On April 3 NSW, VIC, SA, Tas + ACT moved their clocks back 1 hour (at 3am). That’s right, daylight savings has arrived, and we know how daunting this can be to parents near and far. 

If you are finding your little one struggling to adjust, you are not alone. It is common to experience some early rising as we transition through daylight savings. Natural elements will impact this! Be prepared with some good quality block out blinds to keep the natural sun light from entering until a more reasonable time in the morning. You can also use white noise to help drown out any excited birds at 4am!




The mornings are also becoming cooler and this can be a common reason for our little people to wake earlier than they are ready. We recommend using good quality blankets & bedspreads for sleep time, bamboo swaddles and/or sleep bags. Ideally, we want the room around 19-22 degrees but this will differ from house to house. Using great quality products will help your little person keep warm and snug, inching that wake-up time closer to a 6:30-7:00am.



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Remember we want to gradually work on shifting your little person's body clock. This won't be a quick fix and we need to allow reasonable time for the adjustment. Gradually transitioning and shifting the nap will help for a smooth change. Start by pushing out by 10-15 minutes for a few days, and then shifting by 20-40 minutes. Doing this gradually can allow your child to cope with the changes easier, rather than a quick and sudden shift to their routine.

One major positive with moving our clocks back is that It will be nice and dark for bedtime. Be sure to follow a consistent wind down routine and age-appropriate awake windows to experience minimal bedtime battles.




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