Baby Sleep Bags - Understanding the TOG 

What is a TOG rating? 

Our Kip&Co Baby Sleep Bags come in different TOG grades. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a measure of a garment’s warmth and insulation. 

The lower the TOG rating, the lighter and cooler the sleep bag. A higher TOG rating indicates a warmer, thicker, and therefore more insulated sleep bag. We’ve included a table below to help you choose which is best for your bub.

Why should I use a sleep bag? 

We love sleep bags as an alternative to blankets as there are no covers for your baby to kick off, or get tangled up in during the night. Sleep bags provide enough room for your little one to wiggle and kick around, whilst still remaining tucked and cosy. These “wearable blankets” are an absolute must have. They’re also easy to wash, which any parent of a bub will appreciate!

What are the benefits of an organic cotton sleep bag? 

Our sleep bags are made from buttery soft GOTS certified organic cotton; an acronym for the Global Organic Textile Standard. A GOTS certification evaluates both the social and environmental impacts of the fibre - analysing everything from the chemicals used during processing, to the treatment of workers. It ensures that our fibres have met the requirements for to be a certified earth and people friendly supply chain. Dyes used in all products are also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are free of harmful substances. 

Cotton is a natural, breathable fibre known for its thermo regulation qualities that help bub stay at just the right temperature.We love our organic cotton for its feel, durability and stretch that provides ultimate comfort.

What TOG does my baby need? 

Choosing the right TOG for your baby’s environment is important to assist them with temperature regulation for an even body temperature and a restful sleep. It’s important to note that there are many factors that determine the TOG that your baby needs including the baby’s clothing, the humidity/climate, a baby’s health, and their bedding. These factors will influence your baby’s temperature preferences - just like they do for us!

What should my baby be wearing under their sleep bag? 

We get asked quite often what your little ones should be wearing under their sleep bags, but the truth is, every bub is different! Just like us, some little ones love to be extra snug, while others run hot. We’ve included a guide below to help you decide. 

Whatever you choose for bedtime, make sure you're checking in for signs of overheating or chill such as frequent wakeups, redness, or sweat.