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The Ultimate Glassware Guide: Find your perfect match!

Looking for love? We can’t help with the dating game, but we can certainly find your perfect glassware match. Get the full rundown on all of our Kip&Co glassware styles to find the ultimate fit for all your event and gifting needs. We’ll even recommend the perfect drinks for each style, as determined by a Kip&Co office vote. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the profiles of our most eligible glassware.

Mini Coupe 

The Event: The ultimate gift for the gal with everything 

The Drinks: Gimlet, Flirtini, Espresso Martini 

Join us in welcoming our little friend the mini coupe to our glassware lineup! These adorable little glasses are available in our coloured glassware range and speckles. Our coupes are the perfect gift for your girlfriend that has it all, we bet she doesn’t have mini coupes in her bar cart. The mini coupes were designed with one delicious drink in mind: The Gimlet. A glorious mix of lime syrup, gin and ice - the Gimlet is a classic transeasonal drink. We love the mini coupe for its adorable size and petite stem that will send you back to the glitzy Gatsby parties of the 1920s.

Vino Glass 

The Event: Elevate your evening wine on the couch, and impress at your dinner parties 

The Drinks: Red Wine, Pétillant-Naturel (Pet-Nat) 

You likely have a cupboard full of wine glasses, but we bet none of them look like these bad boys. Take your pick from jade, sapphire, or rose glass; maybe get summer ready with our new bright stripes. We promise that your wine on the couch will never be the same. Sick of the classic red? Keep up with the kids and try a Pétillant-Naturel (aka Pet-Nat), we recommend our locals at Little Brunswick Wine Co.

Glass Jug

The Event: Summer dinner parties and day drinking 

The Drinks: Paloma, Sangria, Pimms 

Say hello to our newest member of the gang - the striped jug. Bringing kitschy magic, and summery warmth, this jug was made to compliment bright tablecloths and bowls of fruit. For that reason, we choose to serve a juicy paloma. All you need is grapefruit juice, tequila, lime juice, and some salt for the rims of your matching glasses.

Champagne Glass 

The Event: Bathtime bubbles or the perfect celebratory gift 

The Drinks: Champers, champagne sunrises

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, so we’ve just made it prettier. Kip&Co’s colourful flutes were made to be gifted, choose from sapphire, jaded, or rose and package them up with your favourite sparkling wine. If you’re in the era of 18ths, engagement parties, or anniversaries the champagne glasses are the go-to gift. Who says you can’t buy yourself a present? Enjoy your next bathtime bubbles in a rose pink glass and top it off with a strawberry!

Coupe Glass 

The Event: Girls night, the cocktail party, the mocktail 

The Drinks: Cosmopolitan, spicy margarita, martini, Petruccio Sunset 

We’re not picking favourites, but if we had to pick a favourite it might just be the coupe. In honour of our favourite leading lady Carrie Bradshaw, we’re making cosmopolitans and filling our pink coupes to the brim. Our coloured glass options are generously sized and can handle a solid pour. Our speckled coupes are a little smaller and daintier, but win the award for eye catching style - after we teased these, our inbox was packed with questions begging for us to launch them sooner!

Tumbler Glass 

The Event: Gifting for dad, picnics in the park, casual cocktails 

The Drink: Scotch, whiskey, gin & tonics, negroni sbagliato with prosecco 

No gift is more difficult to decide on than those given to the men in your life. He can only own so many socks and ties. Well we can vouch for it - Kip&Co tumblers are dad approved. Sit on the couch with a Friday night scotch on the rocks in a sapphire tumbler.

Wine Glass

The Event: Outdoor dining and energetic lunches 

The Drink: Sodas, sparkling punch, cold wine, fresh juice 

Our hardiest glass on the shelf. Sadly they’re not unbreakable, but these glasses are thick, tough, and will smile back at you as you drink. These super unique glasses are the ultimate party cup. Although they’re called wine glasses, their unusual shape and facade makes them our most versatile cup style. These are our go to for outdoor dining, and for lunch with those friends who are always tipping over glasses.