Meet Lia - Founder of the chicest baby carrier brand, portier

We’re so excited to share our latest collaboration with portier – a brand redefining baby essentials for a modern era. 

portier was born from the desire to give parents the confidence to style parenthood their way. Lia; founder and mum of two struggled to find products that accurately reflected her approach to style and motherhood. It was an experience that ultimately formed the foundation for portier’s bold mission: to make the intimidating, daunting and confusing world of baby products not just approachable, but conquerable.

Today we chat to Lia about her business journey and get to know more about how the collaboration came to life.

Tell us about your journey of how you started portier and where the idea came from? 

portier was born from a desire to give parents the confidence to do parenthood their way. After having my first son Xander, I really struggled to find products that felt great and reflected my own approach to style and motherhood. It was that journey which ultimately formed the foundation for portier’s bold mission: to make the intimidating world of baby products conquerable. To do parenthood your way and do it in style. 

I’d had a longstanding corporate career but was craving something more, something I could really make my own and build from the ground up. So, I decided to take the plunge while on maternity leave. Two years of hustle and persistence, I overcame numerous hurdles all whilst amid covid. I eventually landed on our final production sample. I had sourced my dream fabrics; the carrier had met safety standards, and we were ready to launch.

The world of baby products can be overwhelming and lacking personal style. How is portier different to the other brands and products currently in the market? 

We have created a brand that is a fusion of functionality and personal style. We have truly filled a gap in the market for a luxe baby carrier that offers style, high standards of quality and safety, 3-way carry functionality and affordability. These elements were non negotiables and I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to achieve them for our customers.

Being a mother and a founder can make it challenging to find time for our own wellbeing. What are the things you do to fill up your cup? 

I’m a big foodie, so enjoying food with family or friends is high on my list. I also love a good foot massage. Its quick and effective. 

What are some of the challenges you’ve experienced when starting your own business? Based on this, what advice would you give to others trying to start their own brands? 

Where do I begin. Like every entrepreneur, starting your own business presents ongoing challenges. It’s important to be resilient and solutions orientated. Rather than stressing about the problem, consume your energy with finding a solution. One of my favourite quotes that I heard recently was “All problems are an opportunity to innovate”, and that could not ring truer.

How did the Kip&Co x portier baby carrier collaboration come about? What was the final decision behind butterflies as the print? 

Shortly after connecting with Kate regarding the opportunity to collaborate, I was immediately excited by the prospects. The idea of working with the “Queens of Colour” and a brand that has built such a cult following inspired me to push the boundaries. 

The butterfly print is a best-selling print for Kip&Co and I was instantly drawn to it. I love butterflies and immediately associate them with spring and new life. They also represent transformation and freedom, both resonating on the journey to motherhood and the freedom to style parenthood your way.

What’s next in the world of portier? Any big ideas (or dreams) in the pipeline for the brand?

Newness and more newness! We don’t like to stand still and are on an exciting journey at portier. Our next chapter involves further cultivating our brand with a devoted community and expanding our loyal following. We’re committed to building meaningful connections and creating a space where our community finds inspiration and empowerment. An exciting addition to our line-up is the recently launched “on-the-go Nylon Pouch “bag, designed with the same thoughtful approach as our acclaimed carrier, catering to the needs of busy parents without compromising on style. And stay tuned- more colorways are on the way!