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At Home With Sydney Artist Britty Flynn

This week, we chat to Sydney Artist Britty Flynn about her modern take on art, and how she brings her abstract designs to life. We take a sneak peak into her 70’s inspired retro home and get an insight into what her creative journey has been like to date. 


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1. Hey Brittany, we are absolutely obsessed with your artwork and painting skills! What has your creative journey been like to date? How did you come to be where you are today?

First of all, thank you for being a supporter of my work, I am very grateful. It all started as a hobby 7 years ago when I was living in Europe (London, Berlin and Amsterdam). From there I moved to Vancouver and then the pandemic hit, and the world froze, which forced me make a daring decision to move back to Brisbane, Australia. When I got back, I decided to paint more, whilst living out of my mothers shed in the backyard. I posted my work on Instagram and it seemed to generate an interest. It was from there, where my career seemed to take off. I then met my boyfriend and moved with him to Sydney and have been here ever since pursuing my artistic career full time.


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2. What does art-making mean to you, and what do you hope to communicate?

Creating art, I believe should be all about joy. I want to bring joy into people’s homes. Make them feel happy. With my more abstract body of work I want to bring a vibrant emotion to the viewer, make them feel comfortable and enlighten them. The table paintings on the other hand are somewhat more of a realistic approach. The primary meaning behind these pieces is family. And each object on the table should represent something that means something to the viewer. Brings out a sense of “them”.


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3. What is your favourite piece of art you have created thus far into your career? (Please attach a pic!) 

Seafood Extravaganza



4. The way you express yourself with colour and style is not only visible in your artistic work, but in your home too. Tell us a bit about where you live, your interior design inspiration and your style.

Thank you, I am currently based in Coogee, NSW and I am in love with retro minimalism. I’ve tried to make our new apartment here give off a very 70’s vibe with low hanging lighting and brown leather couches. We are fortunate to have huge white walls which have lots of hanging space for my art pieces which helps the bright colours stand out in the beautiful natural light that comes through the windows.



5. What is your favourite part about your house? (Please attach a picture!)   

Obviously my bedroom now! I am thrilled with these new colourful sheets and pillow cases along with my new PJ’s. Thank you so much Kip&Co.



6. As you know, we have just launched our brand-new season Journey, where every piece in the collection is scrapbook of all the amazing adventures we have been lucky enough to experience. What has been your most exciting journey to date?

The highlight has surely been my time living overseas particularly in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. I love travelling and am excited to do more of it this year now that we are lucky enough to travel once again.


7. What are you loving from Kip&Co's new collection?

The Flower Bed bedding obviously!