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Inside the home of Lia Di Mingo – founder of cult Australian baby carrier brand portier

Take a peak inside the life and Aberfeldie home of Lia Di Mingo – founder of cult Australian baby carrier brand portier. Lia gives us a glimpse inside her modern architecturally designed home by Architecton, often filled with family and friends, and shares her secret to entertaining with kids this festive season.

Hi Lia! Thanks so much for having us over. First things first, tell us about your home and who lives here with you?

Absolutely, it's my pleasure to welcome you into our space! Our home is architecturally designed by the talented team at Architecton, a Melbourne-based firm. Its design is a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and minimalism and reflects our approach to style. I share my life with my husband, James, and our two boys, Xander and Maxim. It's not just a house; it's also a welcoming entertainers haven where we get together frequently with friends and family.

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Can you tell us about portier, and the inspiration behind starting the brand?

portier was born from a personal need – a desire to create a product that made me feel good and granted the freedom to venture out effortlessly with my babies. As a lover of all things design from interiors, architecture and most of all fashion, I found it challenging to find products that resonated with my style. Over a dedicated 2- year journey, I created our hero product, the Limitless Carrier.

How would you describe your interior style and have you found your aesthetic has changed since bringing two little bundles of joy into the world?

Our interior style is a nice blend of modern sophistication and warmth. I gravitate towards clean lines, muted tones, and curated minimalism, creating a space that feels both elegant and inviting. Since welcoming our two boys, Xander and Maxim, into our lives, there has been an evolution in our aesthetic. The once-pristine minimalism has embraced touches of playfulness and vibrant colours. Kid-friendly spaces that seamlessly integrate with our overall design, creating a home that balances adult elegance with the energy of young children. It’s been an unexpected but welcomed transformation — discovering that functionality and style can coexist seamlessly, even amid toys and chaos.

This time of the year can be daunting for parents with multiple commitments, celebrations and get-togethers. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new mums heading into the silly season?

Navigating the festive season as a new mum can be a juggling act. My one piece of advice is to keep it real, embrace imperfection and prioritise yourself and baby. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of commitments, but remember, it's okay if things don't go according to plan and run like clockwork. Grab a quiet breather or a coffee. Amidst the festive hustle, remember, simplicity rocks.

We're sure you've got some fantastic gift ideas up your sleeve! Can you give us your top 3 gift ideas for mum and bub this Christmas?



Christmas entertaining - can you share with us your top tips for entertaining with a house full of family and children?

Navigating Christmas with a full house of family and children calls for a mix of a thought-out game plan with a touch of spontaneity. Here are my top tips: 

Easy-Going Menu: Opt for a grazing table. They offer variety and flexibility, whilst also being fuss free as your guests can serve themselves and graze throughout the day. Keeping the atmosphere relaxed. 

Create Kid-Friendly Zones: Designate areas where kids can unleash their energy. Having spaces dedicated to little ones ensures both adults and children can enjoy the festivities. 

Comfort is Key: Prioritise the comfort of your guests. Outside chill out spaces, or indoor easy lounging makes your home feel welcoming and a perfect space for that post feast nap!