Home Life Series

Inside the Mexico-inspired home of podcast powerhouse, Zoe Weir

This week on the Home Life Series we’re bringing you a taste of Mexico as we step inside the Mornington Peninsula home of Zoe Weir, co-founder of Not Super.Woman podcast. 

Through their podcast, Zoe and best friend Bec invite their listeners to come face to face with brutal societal expectations, in order to navigate and conquer what it is to be, not super, but a woman.

Step inside Zoe’s haven; where sentimental pieces from all walks of life, and artisanal craftsmanship, fills her home with joy. Tune in to hear advice on how to tackle the dirty thirties, to where to buy the best knick knacks. We sure do cover it all!

Hi Zoe! We’re lucky enough to have you in our lives on the regular, but for those who don’t already know you, can you introduce yourself and who lives here with you? 

I’m lucky too! I live in share house…. with my husband Charlie, 8 year old twin daughters Eloise and Beatrice aka (Lou Lou & Bearsy) and our black Labradors Gertie and Gilbert. It’s a very full house.

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Your podcast, Not Super.Woman is SO amazing and important to women trying to have AND do have it all. How did the idea for the podcast come about and why do you think it’s important to share the pressures, expectations and challenges we experience as women? 

Firstly, Thank you! We love that feedback, and we do love our growing NS.W podcast community! The idea came about with my best friend Bec during the overwhelm of COVID lockdowns. Bec and I had come out of the fog of having babies and toddlers, looking back on how intense that period was and also trying to understand how to find balance going forward. 

Bec and I chat daily, and in most of our conversations we were sharing our overwhelm of the juggle, the different hats we wear as women, and asking how on earth other women were coping and doing life?! We decided to take it online, and to be fair Bec pushed me to do it with her, as her background is film and TV, but we haven’t looked back. 

We have learnt so much, created a community we are proud of, and also wanted to push back on social media to remove the perfection filter to provide relatable conversations and short-circuited guidance from experts to help us all, in a fast pace, time poor, modern world of womanhood.

In your recent podcast episode with our very own Alex McCabe, you dive into the scary world of societal expectations and living the life you’ve always ‘dreamt of.’ What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone out there dreading their dirty thirties for this reason? 

I have loved my thirties, more than my twenties, because whilst there is societal pressure, and some WTF moments, I have also learnt what I will not do them again. I am learning what I like and don't like, and am getting a better grasp on what makes me feel good or feel fulfilled. It’s a work in progress, but if you enter your thirties, and try and block out the noise for a minute here and there, and just make small decisions towards a direction you want. Whether it’s your job, lifestyle or family stuff, just taken a moment of pause to think ‘where is this going?’, and what am I doing that I like and what can I change that I don’t like. It doesn’t happen instantly, I think it slowly happens, but if you can just keep making decisions based on a greater intention for you, it will happen over time.

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Your time also extends beyond the podcast, as you are also a model, wedding planner AND mum of two! What does a typical week look like for you and how do you achieve work life balance that also stays kind to yourself?

Oh god, to be honest I don’t. Every week throws a different challenge. I try to maintain routine as much as I can for my sanity and everything comes down to planning each week meticulously. 

We have a great pilates & yoga studio in Red Hill called Higher Ground that I try to hit up a few times a week. I also walk the trail this is vital for my mental health. 

In terms of work we record the poddy in Melbourne once a week so I try to fit everything around that. Wedding site visits with Tori Allen can take me all over Victoria (which I secretly love), but I try to condense it where I can. I’m fortunate to have a partner who has a flexible work schedule too… this is a huge bonus. Friends helping with pick ups, drops off is such a massive help. It honestly takes a village.

Your home is a beautiful mix of coastal beach shack x Mexican villa! Talk us through your interior aesthetic and what you love most about it? 

I feel like Charlie my husband thinks I’m a hoarder. I have a tendency to not throw things out as I always come back to them!! I’m constantly changing pieces around, in my former life I call it BC (before children), I trained as a visual merchandiser and stylist. I enjoy spaces and creating “moments”, I don’t have a particular style just mixing old and new together is the key. 

I’m very sentimental with all the pieces I have collected over my life. Everything has a story or a history whether it be from our families, pieces of art made by parents or children, it needs to evoke a feeling or a memory.

You’ve certainly got the eye for sourcing some epic artisanal craftsmanship and antiques. What are some of your favourite finds and where can we get some ourselves? 

I’m a big fan of Joel’s weekly auctions - a treasure trove of goodies each week. https://www.leonardjoel.com.au/ 

Mexican pressed metal, ceramics etc https://www.mexicanhandcrafts.com.au/ 

Italian pottery and ceramics are my weakness. You can find some great pieces on eBay & marketplace. I also love the Red Hill op shop for unique finds. 

Art, I’m lucky my mother and father are incredibly artistic and I have a lot of their pieces around the house. I also love collecting piece from Arts project in Northcote. https://www.artsproject.org.au

Do you have a favourite spot in the house where you like to switch off and unwind? 

My bedroom alone with fresh linen, the door locked, blinds down, noise cancelling headphones … totally zen.

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