Home Life Series

Inside the Retro Home of Content Creator and Disability Advocate Keely Bradley

In this Kip&Co's Home Life Series we visit the retro inspired home of content creator and disability advocate Keely Bradley aka @k_eelz.

Subconsciously creating a 70’s interior dreamscape, Keely’s home is a time capsule adorned with vintage treasures and one-off finds. Her passion for collecting pre-loved treasures started from childhood where she would spend weekends scoping out side-walk garage sales and vintage bazaars with her parents. 

Keely's chronic illness has influenced the interior design of her home sanctuary, which she has carefully curated to provide comfort and joy whilst managing her flare ups. Her home is her happy hub where she can create content and feel at ease.

1. Hi Keely! Thank you so much for welcoming us inside your Preston home. Tell us a little bit about yourself and who lives here with you.

Hello! So excited to show you around my space. I’m a Naarm / Melbourne based content creator who loves all things vintage, I’m chronically ill & invisibly disabled and also speak about that on my online platforms! I live here with Jackson, my two cats Potato and Frankie, and also my dog Missy.

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2. As soon as we stepped inside, we instantly started to feel as though we were walking straight into a vintage bazaar. You’ve abolsutely nailed styling your home in a way that pays homage to the eclectic, loud and geometric era of the 70’s. Where did your love for this interior style come from?

I definitely subconsciously did that, ever since I was a kid I’ve loved vintage stores that are stacked to the roof with things. I used to go a lot with my mum and dad and just wander off and play around with the things I found while they looked for furniture, but it obviously rubbed off on me. 

My mum was an accidental vintage reseller, she always found things on the side of the road, or super cheap at garage sales, she’d bring it home and if it didn’t fit she’d sell it on Gumtree. Looking back, she had to many amazing pieces that I just know would’ve looked amazing in my home now, but I’m also super lucky that I’ve inherited a lot of things from her. I also steal furniture and knick-knacks from my dad often. I look around my home now and see them both.

3. There’s a few things in your house that we are just obsessed with! Let's start with that gorgeous green sofa and amazing velvet stereo bed frame. Where did you find these gems and any tips on where to shop for the best vintage treasures?

My two faves. The sofa is from Mission Brown, who sourced it for us, all in one day! We messaged him saying we were looking, and it was in our home by the end of the day. We originally said yes to a different couch, but the people who they were sourcing from said they wanted to keep it. At the last minute we said yes to this couch and I’m so glad we did! All we had to go off was a photo from a phone. I love it. 

The bed frame is from Facebook marketplace! I knew it had to be mine the moment I saw it. (Almost) worth breaking my back for. Facebook marketplace is where I’d recommend shopping. It can take a while to find deals, but they do come up and you have to be fast. I’ve got most of my finds from there.

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4. Not only do you have an eye for retro homewares, but you’ve also nailed that art of vintage fashion. So much so that you’ve made a career out of it! What has this journey looked like for you?

I’ve been posting photos of my outfits on Instagram for almost 8 years now! I’ve always been so into fashion, especially vintage / second-hand pieces. It was always a hobby for me, same as interior styling. I used to stay up trying on outfits or changing my bedroom around when I was younger. 

In 2020 my chronic illnesses got worse, and during lockdown, I put most of my time into taking photos or making TikTok’s of my outfits, as it was accessible to me and a way to connect with people. I was creating content at home and I styled my space to use it as a backdrop for my content. I just put more and more time into it, until it became my job. I also built such an amazing community over that time with my chronically ill followers by sharing what I was experiencing during that time. It’s surreal to be able to find so many like minded, similar people who are chronically ill and love fashion. It never felt attainable to me to be in a career of fashion, and something I love, being a chronically ill person, but being able to do what I love online, and have people love that too is so wild and I feel so grateful.

5. Between influencing and producing content, you are also managing a chronic illness. Has this influenced the way you've designed your space and what are some of your favourite comforts when there's a flare up?

Most definitely! Comfort is always in mind in my home! Everyone always says how cosy my home looks, and that all they want to do is come and lay down and chill out, which was exactly my goal. Being chronically ill, it has always been important to me to have everything at my fingertips in the chance of a flare up. Having endless sitting spots and things around me that make me happy helps me get through it. In the past I didn’t enjoy being at home as much, in a weird way my maximalism makes me feel calm. My favourite spot has to be the lounge room, I love flipping out on the couch with my dog and watching a tv show.

6. What are your top three tips for styling the perfect vintage outfit?

I always say wear what makes you happy, comfortable, and feel cool.