Home Life Series

Inside The Home of Colour Lover and Junior Doctor, Eishi Bandara

This week on Kip&Co's Home Life Series, we're giving you a delicious dose of serotonin as we step inside the happy home of junior doctor, Eishi Bandara

With no white space left uncoloured, her home is a canvas for her incredible imagination, bubbly personality and love of colour.

1. Hi Eishi! Thank you so much for welcoming us inside your AMAZING happy-filled home. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and who lives here with you?

Hello! Welcome to our chaotic colourful home! I live here with my partner and my two doggies, and we've lived here for just over a year now. In general, I am the one who has the silly ideas, and my partner brings some realism and practicality to the picture, although we are both creative and both love colour! The dogs contribute by leaving their hair everywhere and occasionally destroying a pillow.

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2. Just like us, you are HUGE fans of colour and living on the bright side of life! What does colour mean to you and why do you love putting it in your home?

I am definitely a huge fan of colour! It is an integral part of my style both in terms of interiors but also in the fashion I wear, the shows I watch, the art I appreciate; I don't know what exactly draws me to it, but I find I always feel such happiness and excitement when I am surrounded by colour. I think colours are such an interesting way to both express and mediate emotions, and I want to create a home that brings a sense of wonderment and joy every day through its use of colour.

3. You are an incredible artist (as the house suggests!) and have hand-painted each mural in your joyful home. How did you discover your passion for painting and where do you draw your inspiration from?

Thank you! I have loved painting and creating art since I was a kid, and I love exploring different mediums as well - I even taught myself how to use photoshop in fifth grade (so I could draw my neopets!). 

As soon as we moved into this house and I realised I could start painting the walls, I started doing digital sketches of possible ideas for walls. I draw my inspiration from lots of different places - it can be from what I'm watching on TV (especially animated shows), or from mindlessly scrolling on social media, or in an art gallery, or hanging out with my friends. There are a few people on instagram that inspire me a lot, but I have to shout out @eviekemp because I think she is the person who first really made me want to paint all my walls!

4. Not only are the walls in your home a canvas for your talent, but you are also an EPIC makeup artist! How long did it take you to master these skills and do you have any tips on how to create this look at home?

I've been doing my makeup properly for probably around 7 years now! But I think I've only really got the hang of it in the last few years. My top tip would be to get a good eye primer, and an eyeshadow palette that has great pigment. I actually use my fingers to press the colour on to make it brighter. Also if you're just starting out with trying colourful eyeshadow, try doing your eyeshadow before your foundation, so you can clean up any mistakes or dropped eyeshadow easily.

5. We are officially declaring you the QUEEN of knick-knacks and upcycled homewares. How would you describe your interiors style and where do you look to find your unique treasures?

Thank you for noticing! I absolutely love all my little bits and bobs that I've collected over the years. I would say my interior style is maximalist, silly and eclectic - if you have ever seen Howl's Moving Castle, that is basically my dream house. 

I find a lot of things on Facebook marketplace (I have a bit of a problem) and also at op-shops/vintage stores. The nice thing is that once you get a reputation for liking silly things, people love to find things for you! My friends (and even people I don't really know) often send me links to things they think I would like (and they're usually right!).

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6. Your talents also extend beyond art and colour, as you are a qualified junior doctor! Is there any connection to your love of colour with your pursuits to work in the medical field?

I suppose a big part of my love of colour is the impact it can have on people; people often comment on how colours can cheer them up or make them feel a little more comfortable in an unfamiliar space. As well as that, as I mentioned earlier, it is such a special and fun way to express yourself as a person. I often try to bring some of this colour and fun into my work, both for the people I am caring for, and also for myself. Sometimes it can be so incredibly busy, and the cases you see can be really tough emotionally, which is why I feel it's important to try to make space for humanity and individuality.

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