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Celebrating Mother's Day with The Memo Co-Founder Kate Casey

Today is a day to celebrate mothers, in all their shapes and forms. But we know that today can also be a hard day for those missing their mums, those who long to be mums, and those whose mums are not all they hoped they would be. 

We had the pleasure of spending the morning with Kate Casey, co-founder and CEO of feel good parenting and baby destination, The Memo. Kate's exceptional knowledge about parenting comes not only from being a superstar mother to her two children Matilda and Jack, but also from her dedication to assisting countless women in confidently navigating the journey of motherhood. 

Today, Kate shares her inspiring story behind the founding of The Memo and a few pearls of wisdom for new and expectant parents.

1. Hi Kate, thanks so much for letting us crash breakfast! You’re mum to two adorable cherubs and the co-founder of baby destination The Memo so it’s safe to say you know a thing or two about parenting! What is one pearl of wisdom you would share with a soon-to-be mum? 

There is no one way to parent and we are on a mission to debunk the myth of ‘the perfect parent’ that floods social media. There’s a lot of noise, a lot of opinions, and a lot of fear generated in the industry, implying that there’s one way of doing things. This creates confusion and overwhelm in (particularly first time) parents. We wanted to change that conversation and create a destination where parents could feel supported, prepared and excited about this time in their life. To understand that the best way to parent is their way, on their terms, with confidence, and arm them with the information and products that work for their family, their budget and their lifestyle.

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2. The Memo is shaking up the baby industry and we are so proud to have Kip&Co baby stocked with you! Where did the idea come from? 

When I first became pregnant I was so excited, then quickly became overwhelmed when entering big box retail and was met with thousands of options and a noisy, unsophisticated experience. Phoebe Simmonds, my business partner and I, felt there was an opportunity to create a brand, a destination, an experience that cut through the crap and the clutter and served up the best products in one feel good location. Only the best products that you’d need, use and want daily. And in a beautiful way, a way that you’re used to experiencing in beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

3. We know it’s hard but if you had to choose, what holy grail product would you recommend for new parents. 

The Baby Shusher (something that literally says shhhh) which can settle and calm a baby to sleep. Babies love being "returned to the womb" and the shusher is perfect when you're trying to settle a baby that is ready for sleep or overtired/overstimulated.

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4. On top of being a superstar entrepreneur, you’re also a mum of two Matilda and Jack. What does a day in your life look like? 

There is always plenty going on and feels quite rushed! I wake very early so I get time to move my body before the children wake up, either a run, yoga or gym class. I treasure this time as I'm deliberately doing something for me before the chaos of the day. My husband and I divide and conquer with getting the children's lunches and bags ready for school and Josh drops them off as it's on the way to his work. 

After school we have a combination of after school care and a nanny that helps take the kids to activities and sports. We are home by 6pm each night to have dinner with the kids, book, bath bed routine before bedtime at 7.30pm. Most nights I jump back online to finish off work before bed at 10pm. Rinse and repeat!

5. Happy Mother’s Day! What special rituals/ or traditions do you and your family have? 

Very traditional and unoriginal, but the kids cooking pancakes with a family breakfast is really special. I adore the homemade cards that I receive from the kids and I've kept them all from over the years. The kids always dictate to Josh what they want to write, so the messages are full of laughs and love.