Home Life Series

Inside WowHaus artist Kate Jansen's Colourful Coastal Cottage Delight!

Our Home Life Series is a weekly sneak peek into the homes and lives of Australia's most creative and inspiring people. 

This week on the Home Life Series we are welcomed into the colourful and creative home of Mornington Peninsula artist, Kate Jansen, AKA WowHaus. Kate’s passion for all things sun, sea and tropical bliss is evident in her bold artwork and stylish homewares, and is the perfect reflection of her happy, bubbly personality. Come inside!

1. Hi Kate! Thank you so much for welcoming us inside your colourful home. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself

I was born in a sleepy village in Hampshire in the UK a far cry from the coastal peninsula.

2. What has your creative adventure been like to date? When did you get into artistry? Has this always been something you’ve wanted to do?

I have always been an artist for as long as I can remember. I attended art college in the south of England and studied illustration, then finding work in London in a prestigious window display company after that. But it wasn't until I met my Australian partner and traveled to the peninsula with my two children in tow that everything aligned. I found my happy place living by the sea which has definitely changed my creative vibe, I now have a beautiful home studio and work that is shipped worldwide.

3. How would you describe your artwork and where do you get your inspiration from?

It’s fun bold colourful with a palm spring, Miami, Aussie sort of a twist - lots of pinks and always palm trees I have an obsession with palm trees ! I love to hear my art makes people happy! I get inspiration from all around- living in Mount Martha & near the beach and when you see the ocean every day it gives you a sense of well-being I grew up in the UK - in the south of England - beaches are very different there - they are way too pebbly!

5. If you couldn’t tell, we LOVE colour! How important is colour to you in your art and your home?

Well for a start if my husband didn’t like pink we’d be in trouble! I love colour too! It’s uplifting - let’s face it Melbourne weather can be a little grey at times so why not create as much colour in your personal/interior space, be it a painting or a cushion.

6. How would you describe your own personal interiors style?

The character of this house, with its unique ceilings and layout has really given me permission to be more adventurous. It has a beachy vibe, that lends itself to mid-century modern styling that I just love. It is very eclectic a lot of old and new mixed together - nothing really matches! It’s an ongoing process. I’m very lucky that my husband is happy for me to keep changing things up, and that he doesn’t mind pink.

7. The festive season is right around the corner (and we simply can’t wait!). What do the new few months look like for you?

Paint eat sleep repeat!