How To Be a 'Green' Parent

I Want to be a Green Parent, but where do I start? Do you want to save the planet but don’t know where to start? We’ve got the answers you’ve been searching for! 

In the world of modern parenting, being green is a goal many are striving for, but the reality can be incredibly challenging. Are you really ready to give up the convenience of disposable items? Could you commit to a life of sustainability? If you’re feeling uncertain, you may be relieved to learn that being a green parent doesn’t mean you have to radically change your everyday life. 

Whether you have guilt about the amount of waste raising your little one brings with it, or you just want to make a positive parenting change, we've put together a few of our top tips to make being a green as easy as can be!

Read Your Labels

Everything you put down your sink or in your bin ends up back in the environment, so familiarising yourself with what is in the products you choose for your little ones is a must. Whether it's skincare, laundry detergent, children’s paints and crayons or even their clothing and bedding, choosing options without any of the hidden toxins will protect them from exposure to unwanted chemicals and ensure that these potentially harmful ingredients don't end up in the environment either. Look for non-toxic labels, natural and certified organics, with a list of materials/ingredients you understand. 

Determined to be the ultimate green mum? Try making your own non-toxic paint with flour, salt, and a pot of cold water, adding whatever food colouring you want to the mix. You’ll have less mess, less wastage, and a set of paints you won't mind your kids getting on their skin (or in their mouth!).

Be Smart About Food

Every parent has to be a little embarrassed about the amount of food waste and excess packaging that gets thrown in their bin, whether they care to admit it or not. A pouch or plastic packet might be the easiest choice for feeding your little ones on the go, especially if they are trying solids, but pre-made baby food and the packaging it comes in are two key contributors to your family's environmental impact. Buying reusable containers of different shapes and sizes is an easy switch in your quest to be more eco minded. You can make your own purees and snacks to put in the containers, or if that feels like a lot to take on straight away, buying a single large tub of yoghurt or other snacks and dividing portions into the containers will still significantly limit both the amount of packaging you go through and the food you are throwing in the bin.

Opt For Biodegradable Products

Nappies and wipes are an unavoidable reality of having a baby but that doesn't mean you can't make better, more eco-friendly choices when finding products for your family. Ecoriginals nappies and wipes are a great place to start your green mum journey because they ensure the gentlest care for sensitive skin while also limiting the impact on the planet. When you realise that every disposable diaper ever made is still on the planet today, it’s enough to make any parent shudder. These tips are further proof that there is no one way to become the perfect green mum. It's just about choosing the options that work for you! Making little changes can make the biggest difference though, so there's no reason not to start today. You'll be glad you not only chose what's best for your baby but also what's best for the planet!