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Flannelette Fun Facts - The Winter Upgrade You Can’t Resist!

For those wanting a toasty and warm winter upgrade, you can’t go past the coziness of flannelette. If you haven’t tried and tested the warmth of flannelette, it’s time to take the plunge and indulge. We have just released a 100% cotton flannelette bedding and PJ range that is super snugly with extra luxe, double-sided brushed cotton. It’s your new winter upgrade that you simply can’t resist! 

To help you understand your new favourite winter bedding, we’ve popped together a guide on everything you need to know and some fun facts about this luxurious flannelette fabric.

So what actually is flannelette? 

Flannelette is a fabric made from 100% cotton. It is widely known for its warmth factor, and is a popular thread for bedding and pyjamas. However the reason why it is SO soft and cozy, is because the fabric is brushed on both sides with a fine metal brush. This raises the cotton fibres from the fabric, and results in a SUPER soft, breathable and cozy feel. 

Are flannelette sheets warmer? 

Yes! Due to the brushed fibres in flannelette bedding, they are generally warmer than regular sheets like linen and cotton. The fuzzy fibres help to trap air, creating insulation for the body while you sleep. So, if you want luxuriously warm and soft sheets, it’s time to go flannelette! 

What is the difference between flannel and flannelette? 

The main difference between flannel and flannelette is that flannel can refer to a wool-based material or a wool/cotton blend fabric, whereas flannelette is made from typically 100% cotton and brushed to create a soft and warmer texture. Whilst the two terms are made up of different fabrics, they are both commonly known as a soft fabric, perfect as a winter warmer.

Flannelette Fun Facts

1. Flannelette helps you sleep better 

The warmth and coziness of flannelette bedding and pyjamas means you’ll not only look forward to hopping into bed, but the quality of your sleep will improve. When you toss and turn at night, you won’t wake up to the shock of finding a cold section of the bed, so you can sleep soundly. 

2. Flannelette bedding and PJs are a healthier alternative to indoor heating 

During the colder winter months, there’s no denying the fact that we love to use our electronic or gas heaters to warm up our home. However, this isn’t always the healthiest method for staying warm as heaters can remove moisture from the air, drying you out. So, using your cozy flannelette bedding and PJs are a great way to warm up without needing to turn on the heating.

3. Flannelette bedding and PJs will help reduce your heating cost 

If you invest in flannelette, you might even reduce your heating bill… how good is that? That’s right - you’ll most likely be turning your heater on less, because you'll be feeling toasty warm thanks to your flannelette bedding and PJs..