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How Often Do I Really Need To Wash My Bedding?

It’s finally time for us to weigh in on the age old debate - how frequently do we *really* need to wash our sheets? 

This sheet washing stuff is serious business. It’s a topic that comes up not just in our office, but in our friendship groups and families. We all just want to feel normal, right? 

Whilst we would love to offer some statistically valid survey results, we’re probably telling a few fibs when it comes to our washing habits…surely we’ve all pushed it an extra few days when the bed is still looking fresh and the weekend became a lazy one.

It’s hard to imagine that our lovely linens and colourful cottons could be harbouring nasties, but the truth is, our bodies and beloved pets really quickly leave a mark on our beds and be kinda gross - eek!

Each day we shed 500 million skin cells - that’s 1.5 grams of dead skin. That’s not even the most confronting find - each year an adult can produce up to 100 litres of sweat during the night…all of which is soaked up by our bedding and mattress. 

It doesn’t stop there. Your family’s furry friends are also introducing their own bacterial party to the bedroom, bringing in pet dander, hair, and outdoor allergens.

All of these allergens, oils, cells, and hair attract the worst kind of company - dust mites. If the allergens aren’t already giving you a reaction, the mites will, and they’re particularly irritating for those of us with asthma, or sensitive skin. So now that we’ve scared you, it’s time for the solution.

According to our favourite Aussie scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, we should be washing our sheets every 1-2 weeks. He does urge however, that there’s a few things to keep in mind.

For those living in hotter climates, it’s best to wash those sheets once a week due to those balmy Queensland nights. Pet owners also need to be weary and wash weekly to keep that dander out of our airways. 

Dr Karl also suggests a shower before bed if you’re keen to keep those sheets fresh for as long as possible, as our skin collects oils and bacteria throughout the day. It’s a good excuse to use your favourite exfoliator and give yourself a good scrub! 

When it comes to your Kip&Co linen, we suggest a cold wash inside out with your favourite mild detergent. The same goes for your organic cotton - however it can handle a warm wash too. Make sure not to overload your machine so that the water can flow freely through the fibres to ensure a thorough clean. 

We’ll definitely be washing our sheets tonight!