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Spend the morning with Piccolini co-founder and mum of two, Natalia Miletic

To celebrate the launch of our latest kids collaboration with Piccolini Shoes, we’re spending the morning with co-founder and rockstar mum, Natalia Miletic. 

Having previously worked as a chiropractor and as a young mother of two under two, you could say she knows a thing or two about kids' feet. So when Natalie & her sister Aleks started the children’s footwear brand Piccolini Shoes, you just knew the brand was going to hold sustainability, design… but most importantly podiatry as its core principles. 

Follow along to get an insight into Nat’s morning routine, where we talk all things business, the importance of supportive shoes for the littlies and tips on how to tackle a busy morning routine.

Tell us about Piccolini, what was the inspiration behind starting a sustainable kids shoes brand with your sister?

It came about when our other sister had her babies and we were talking about the limited options for cool kids shoes. In particular shoes that I could also recommend to parents at work as being good for developing feet. Aleks had just returned from living and studying in Italy and I was expecting my first baby and we thought, if we can’t find them, lets make some ourselves! 

So we set out designing kids shoes that we wanted our kids to wear, with the design aspects that were important to us. These being podiatry recommended, organic/natural/non-toxic materials and obviously, cool in design.

What was the collaboration process like and why did you choose Kip&Co?

This will be our first ever collaboration, and since Piccolini at it’s core is all about simple colours/design, what better brand than Kip&Co to launch something fun and colourful! It has been such a fun process and an absolute pleasure of a team to work with.

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You’re a mum to two under 2, what does your morning routine look like as a working mum? 

Chaos! Planning ahead makes my life so much easier, but in saying that, it is definitely always easier said than done. On the rare occasion that they both sleep in to a decent hour, we are up and straight in the kitchen for breakfast. We then walk to the local café as I find getting out of the house in the morning a good way of getting everyone ready and helps me mentally prepare for a busy day. My real secret to a successful mum/working day is my support. After my morning routine, I have incredible in-laws who help me so I can get work done.

Do you have any tips for a busy morning routine you could share with new mums doing the juggle?

I find if I make breakfast for the kids the night before, I wake up already 1 step ahead. Also, set your expectations low because we are all struggling and that’s ok. If the kids are somewhat fed and somewhat dressed that’s good enough! Also asking for help when you’re overwhelmed is super important.

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As a qualified Chiropractor, how important are supportive shoes in new walkers, active toddlers and early school kids?

Supporting our children’s feet development, especially in these early years, is super important to their overall wellbeing, as their feet are a major sensory path for feedback and stimulation of their young developing brain. Shoes that are light, not constrictive and supportive where needed is important to ensuring they can develop good tone and agility.

With the gifting season fast approaching, what are some of your top gifts for new bubs and toddlers?

Besides our amazing Piccolini Shoes? I’ve found gifts such as Zoo memberships or the Aquarium passes always a thoughtful and practical gift.