Stradbroke Island travel guide by Julia Ashwood AKA The Vista

There’s something about traveling to an island which instantly sets your mind at ease. The salt air clings to your body as you step out of your car, onto the old barge and watch with squinted eyes as the city disappears behind you. 

Pods of silver dolphins seem to guide your way to the white sand island encased by an aqua shell. Gentle waves lift you from the water and back to land, where you’ll now follow a winding tree lined road, dotted with grass trees and tall gums. 

The local radio station confirms it’s hot and sunny, well it must be at least 27 degrees and it's only August, but the heat is welcomed and the sunshine feels like the medicine we all needed. The first stop is Point Lookout, a surf check of course. There’s always a wave somewhere on the island - but today we check into our old shack, pull off our shoes and opt for a slow stroll around the headland to spot the families of grey kangaroo, fresh joeys poking their shiny noses out from the pouch as curious as we are of them. This is just the start of the sweet adventures on “Straddie," a little island which I guarantee will capture your heart. 

North Stradbroke Island known as Minjerribah is found just a short 25min ferry ride from Brisbane’s Cleveland Bay.

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North Stradbroke is a great place to camp with various campgrounds by the sea such as Adder Rock and Cylinders Beach. You will want to pre-book especially in the holiday season. Head to Airbnb or ‘Discover Stradbroke’ for a list of holiday shacks and beach houses.


Coffee and smoothies at ‘The Blue Room Cafe’ 

Fresh prawn and avo rolls from Gary at the Point Lookout fish shop 

Chicken Schnitzel at the Straddie Pub 

A mullet burger from the Dunwich food Truck 

A gelato (or two!) at Point Lookout Ice Creamery 

A cold beer and a basket of ships and ‘The Little Ships Club’


The crystal blue lagoon at Cylinders Beach is the perfect spot for kids. Take some surfboards and float up and back for hours with the tide.

You can do everything or nothing at all on the island. There are sunrise yoga classes, diving schools and horse riding. Boats, kayaks, scooters, surfboards, fishing equipment and 4 wheel drives are all available for hire on the island.


Take a drive to brown lake just 10 mins from Dunwich. This is a cool, fresh water lake stained by the surrounding tea trees. Find a quiet moment to listen to the birds and enjoy the beauty and colour of this special landscape. The water will leave your skin feeling silky and body refreshed. Keep an eye out for goanna’s strolling the surrounding scrubland and sleepy koalas camped high up in the gums.


The giant white sand dunes and rock pools at main beach on the low tide. 


The Gorge Walk is a wonderful way to start the day. Witness the giant turtles and reef sharks floating below you, and the graceful whales so close you can hear their songs.

Now you've got your itinerary ready, it's time to pack your bags with the Kip&Co x The Vista collaboration and set sail on your Stradbroke Island holiday!