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Kip&Co's Top 10 Shoot Locations

What a better way to celebrate our tenth birthday than to dig back through the archives and remember our top 10 locations we have shot at. We've travelled far and wide for the perfect shot, and have loved every minute of it! Where should we shoot next? 


1. Arnhem Land (Babbarra x Kip&Co 2020)

Our photoshoot for the Kip&Co x Babbarra collaboration in 2020 was an absolute highlight. Flying into Maningrida from Darwin in a tiny plane that takes your breath away. An incredible green snaking river-network, jutting out into the aqua Arafura Sea. We were invited on the country and given permission by the traditional land owners to shoot our campaign images alongside the artists - on deep red earth, through amazing bush and on beaches where the ocean lapped at black rocks.





2. Byron Bay (First Light collection - 2018)

First Light was shot on location up in the hinterland above Byron Bay, in a curvy, white, textured home filled with mementos of a life well lived and globe well travelled. We also loved this location because pre-shoot you could go and jump in the water at main beach, and grab breakfast at the top shop before hitting the ironing boards for the day. FUN FACT, the home is now featured in Byron Baes.





3. Bali (Eden collection - 2017)

Eden was shot by Nikole Ramsey in Bali, our one and only international shoot. Loved for the heat, the incredible kid models (thank you @innikachoo!) and of course, the cocktails and massages post shoot. The location was the Island Houses which are available to rent and we were lucky enough to stay there while we were shooting so we can definitely recommend!





4. Sydney (Sojourn collection - 2019)

This shoot was one big girl crush sandwich. We shot in the home of the effortlessly chic Heidi Middleton, and worked with one of Australia’s biggest models, Anna Feller, we really had the dream shoot here, and spent most of the days swooning over those arch windows, and that view of the harbour. Sydney, you were beautiful.





5. Barwon Heads (Confetti Storm collection - 2012)

We shot this one at Hayley’s beautiful home in Barwon Heads, built and designed by her and her husband Jimmy. This is the shoot that started it all - our first foray into styling and creative direction and lordy have we come a long way, baby! Despite some serious filters (they were so hot back then!), it remains a very sentimental shoot for us, as three fresh faced thirty year olds on the brink of launching a business that would change our lives.





6. Labassa (Stardust collection - 2016)

Labassa in Caufield North is an amazing Victoria-era mansion with opulent features and peeling textured paint. Labassa is now part of the National Trust but if the walls could talk they would sing about centuries of grand parties and bohemian soirees. These days you can spot Labassa in plenty of Aussie productions, including as the central location for Miss Fisher!





7. George Ballroom (Kip&Co x Animalia)

Shot at the incredible events space - the George Ballroom in St Kilda, a true icon of Melbourne for over 100 years. This location was like stepping back in time, with heritage walls, high ceilings and textured walls. Everything we love and more!!




8. The Espy (Heartland collection - 2020)

Still one of the best interiors in the highly competitive Melbourne dining scene, the Espy, was designed by Eleisha Gray who seems to have a direct line to the zeitgeist. Eclectic but considered, combining luxe modern moments with bespoke vintage finds, this place is everything. Helps that we have spent the last two decades growing up in the pub here, so definitely a big sentimental vote too!





9. Queencsliff (Magic Happens collection - 2021)

Sometimes location hook ups come left of field and this one certainly one of them. A chance meeting between Kate’s husband and a tradie led us to one of the most spectacular houses in Queenscliff, a grand old dame that at various times was a well loved restaurant, and a grand homestead. On the brink of a renovation from new owners, we were lucky enough to peek behind the curtain soak up some history.





10. St Kilda (Journey - 2022)

We were so lucky to shoot at the home of Kerryn (@coastal_luxe) for our current collection. Journey. Light filled family home of our dreams. Take us back!




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