From the Founders

Our Founder's Top 10 Favourite Prints of ALL time

To celebrate our tenth year of creating, we’ve dug back through the archives to find our top ten prints of ALL TIME. These are our GOATs - what are yours? Love Kate, Hays and Alex





The print that started it all. The croc. Way back in 2012 we launched with this print at Life in Style in Melbourne. Just three girls, a card table with a few pillow cases, and some home made kimonos we’d made out of Croc to get your attention. Whoa.





We love food! After family and friends, its food. Hence why every year we make sure we pay homage to something delicious and occasionally nutritious. Our first, and still our favourite, was the banana (remember when we had a gold banana in the bunch?!), but there’s been so many tasty treats since - pizza, donuts, hamburgers, fruit, veggies, meatballs…we’re getting hungry.






How could we not include?! Field of dreams has been our most loved print of all time, so much so that’s she’s a staple of the Kip&Co family now. After half a dozen colour ways and half a decade, we still can’t get enough of this fabulous floral.






This tasty little number is just to sweet not to include! The purple pretzel still makes our hearts sing. In fact, this has inspired us…time to bring it back?!






Keeping the food theme going strong! Still cool as a cucumber, this pickle print has had us chuckling away for years. Seriously, dill with it!






A very close second to Field of Dreams, Native is a perennial favourite. It’s hard to beat the beauty of the Australian bush, and as proud little vegetates ourselves, this is more than just another floral, it’s a celebration of this beautiful country.






An oldie, but my word is she a goodie! A whimsical, magical, starry sky. Nothing sweeter that Starry Night for the little tackers.






One of our proudest moments in the last decade is the collaboration with indigenous arts centre, the Bábbarra Women’s Centre. Bábbarra, in Maningrida, Arnhem Land is governed by women, for women, to enable future enterprises that support healthy and sustainable livelihoods. The partnership was best practice, and one that set a benchmark for future collaborations.






The three of us live by the ocean, and can’t get enough of the sweet salty air, sand through every inch of our homes, and the freezing cold Victorian waters. We constantly gravitate to water or beach related prints, and the seashore print is one of our favourites. In fact, Kate loved it so much she’s getting curtains made from it!






Our fastest selling collection of all time, the Kip&Co x Mirka collaboration has been an incredible experience. We love Mirka’s tenacity and insatiable joie de vivre, and now, more than ever, Mirka is there to remind us to enjoy life - blink and you’ll miss it!



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