In celebration of our 10th birthday, we are so excited to announce our limited edition Kip&Co x Mirka collaboration!

Mirka Mora is more than an incredible artist, she is a cultural icon. Born in Paris in 1928, she migrated to Melbourne in the 1950s after escaping a Nazi internment camp. 1950s Melbourne was a sleepy town, and Mirka's magnetic and cosmopolitan sensibility fuelled a bohemian subculture that shaped the Melbourne we know and love today.

For over 70 years, Mirka was a prolific artist. Shaped by the unspeakable horror of the Holocaust, her art is a defiant celebration of the strength of humanity and love, a mythical world, over-flowing with joy, hope and resilience.

We’ve been honoured to work with Mirka’s son William, and daughter-in-law Anna, who have guided us generously through this special collaboration. We hope you love this range as much as we do, it’s been a delight to bring a small piece of Mirka's insatiable joie de vivre and tenacious energy to you.

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Mirka's story

Born in Paris in 1928, the story of Mirka’s youth is one of survival. At 14 her family managed to escape a Nazi internment camp and emigrated to Melbourne. 

In Melbourne, Mirka’s magic lit up a sleepy town. She had a magnetic and cosmopolitan sensibility that fuelled the bohemian subculture of the 50s and 60s. Together with her husband Georges, they started galleries and restaurants that became the beating heart of Melbourne’s cultural scene. 

Mirka was a prolific artist, working for over 70 years across painting, works on paper, sculpture and many public commissions. But without doubt, the unspeakable horror of the Holocaust shaped Mirka and her art. She used her art to portray a mythical other-world, overflowing with joy, hope and resilience and full of enchanting wide-eyed angels, mythical creatures, animals and children. In doing so she proclaimed loudly her belief in the strength of humanity and reclaimed a stolen childhood.