Home Life Series

Inside The Home Of Rainbow Queen Em Rusciano

This week on Kip&Co's Home Life Series we welcome you inside the vibrant family home of Em Rusciano. 

Award winning podcaster, singer, author and comedian, there is nothing this woman cannot do! Join us for an exclusive journey through Em Rusciano's big, bold, maximalist wonderland, where inspiration knows no limits and gut instinct reigns supreme. 

During our visit we had a chance to chat with Em about her recent ADHD diagnosis and the impact this has had on her life and career, where she looks to for interior inspiration and what’s next in her plan for world domination!

1. Hi Em! We are so honored to be the FIRST to feature your incredible family home. Can you tell us who lives here with you? 

My husband Scott, my children Marchella (21) Odette (16) Elio (4) and my dogs Lola and Roy.


2. Podcast queen, comedian, singer and all round ray of sunshine, is there anything you can’t do!? You recently shared your journey to your ADHD diagnosis, what impact has this had on your life or career?

My ADHD and Autism were both diagnosed later in life, so I am now able to look back and see the MANY ways they have both impacted both my life and my career. I’d argue I may not have a career without either of them, my ADHD caused me to seek out challenging situations because it was in search of dopamine. I am creative, a fast learner and very good at big picture thinking because of the way my brain works. I also have 4567 unopened emails, pay almost every bill late and have to frequently barricade myself in the house under a weighted blanket because the world is a little too loud, bright and stingy. Ultimately the diagnosis has been life changing, because knowledge is power. I walk through the world differently now, I’ve also come to view myself is a less harsher light.

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3. Like us, you are a maximalist at heart, and every corner of your home is filled with colourful treasures. Is there any method to the magic you have created and where do you look to for interior inspiration? 

My interior design inspiration is all gut instinct, I think I subconsciously collect images and colours and ideas, my brain appears to run on it’s own independent algorithm and acts like a drunk magpie gathering information and then every now or then I’ll see a large neon moose head, a green velvet couch or a certain shade of pink and they’ll feel like home. I understand how bonkers this sounds, but it’s the best way I can think of to describe it. I don’t choose my treasures, they choose me! I look to Hogwarts, Alice in Wonderland, Palm Springs in the 70’s, Cabaret clubs in the 80’s and Italy in the 60’s to help create my aesthetic. I’ve always loved colour, I love big, bold statements and interesting spaces.

4. There are a number of spaces in your home that you’ve specifically styled to calm/ stimulate the senses. For those who don’t know, can you share with us what some of these sensory tools look like and the importance of these areas within your home? 

I live in a house with a lot of Neuro-Divergent people, we all tend to take too much of the world in during the day and come home felling like shell shocked, overstimulated zombies at night. My son Elio is autistic and is often in need of a space to lay still and snuggly to decompress in. My house is filled with soft places to land, we have a swing, endless rugs and oversized cushions. The one item we all argue over is our a huge beanbag filled with memory foam aka the pod. It’s a magical place to body slam into at the end of a long day, it’s vital for my son especially as he has a hard time regulating his emotions and we find the pod is wonderful in helping him to do that. There’s also A LOT of velvet, it’s on everything, some (my husband) would argue that I have a velvet addiction..

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5. We cannot go past the incredible native mosaic in your bathroom, 10/10! What was the vision behind this showstopper? 

I knew I wanted a pink bathroom and I knew I wanted an Australian native theme, but not in a delicate, natural way! I was told about a company who could turn virtually any picture into a tile wall mosaic! You can imagine how overwhelming that was for me, but all I had to do was look out the window and that’s where I got my inspiration. We live out by the Yarra and are surrounded by lovely native plants and trees. I just tuned the volume up on the colour and size! Sometimes I jut go in there to look at it, it’s one of my favourite parts of the house.

6. As regular listeners of your award-winning podcast Emsolation, we can attest to the incredible growth and success you have achieved over the past few years. What’s next in your plan for world domination? 

Total independence! After two successful years at Spotify with my podcast Emsolation, I decided that I wanted to go out on my own. I have such a rad community and I didn’t want a huge company between us. I’m always telling everyone to trust their gut and to back themselves so it was time for me to do the same. My production company, Down The Hill Studios, now makes Emsolation and I have complete creative control. We also launched Emsolation Extra, which is a subscription offering, it’s less about pop culture and politics (which is what Emsolation usually covers) and more personal. My husband and I sat down for the first two episode and totally dissected out marriage! It was hectic, emotional but ultimately helpful I think. I’m really proud of my team and what we’re making, I’m also grateful to my audience who have chosen to support this Autistic, ADHD, female lead small business. I feel very excited about the things I’m going to be able to create, watch this space!