The Lowdown on Fresh Feeding For Your Dog

We believe that feeding your dogs fresh, human-grade wholefoods can help them to live healthier, happier lives. From the benefits of fresh feeding to how we’re revolutionising the pet food industry, our friends over at Lyka Pet Food are jumping right in to explain why it’s time for you and your furry bestie to say goodbye to processed food for good.

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Benefits of superfoods and wholefoods for dogs

You’ve heard about the value of superfoods and wholefoods when it comes to your health, so it makes sense that they’re good for your pupper, too? Lyka’s recipes are filled to the brim with the highest quality, wholefood and superfood ingredients, each one purposefully chosen for their benefits to your pupper. We are proud to support local farmers and even share suppliers with some of Australia’s top restaurants!

Why go fresh?

Dry food is cooked at high temperatures, whilst canned food tins are sterilised by heat — both are done to help lengthen shelf life and kill any bacteria or pathogens. The problem is, these processes also kill essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These are then re-added in synthetic form, along with artificial flavour enhancers and additives like fat.

For us, fresh truly is best.

Why lightly cooked?

By lightly cooking ingredients, you minimise your dog’s risk of foodborne illness. This also retains the food’s nutritional value – as no synthetic vitamins and minerals need to be added back in.

If you’re looking for the convenience of commercial minus the nasties, Lyka recipes are formulated by a team of Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists alongside our in-house Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir. Lightly cooked food also has benefits for dogs with sensitive tummies — soothing their digestive tract, whilst promoting a healthy gut microbiome and essentially, optimal overall health and wellbeing.

Good for your pup, good for the planet

Similar to our friends at Kip&Co, Lyka is committed to real, positive change in the name of sustainability. All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, right down to our boxes’ insulation and packing tape. We’re plastic negative, and proud to be Australia’s only carbon-negative pet food brand. 

Every time your pupper chows down on Lyka, they’re doing something good for themselves and the environment.

Lyka: fresh, human-grade and nutritious

At Lyka, we’re on a mission to make “real food” the norm. This is why our recipes feature only wild-caught, grass-fed, or free-roam proteins: supported by locally sourced and mighty powerful, wholefood ingredients. Put simply — if we won’t eat it, we won’t serve it.

Your pup deserves the best nutrition and Lyka is here to help you make that switch. Kick off your fresh food journey and order your first starter box today.

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