Our Top 10 Cocktails for 2020

We’ve been slaving away sampling cocktails all summer for this list. Hard work, but someone’s gotta do it. Here’s the Kip&Co team’s top 10.
This crowd pleaser is SO easy, fresh, and got the thumbs up at the Kip&Co Christmas party. Lychees, we love you.

Sometimes life calls for a stiff drink. This is our go to when we wanna put some hairs on our chest.
Because we are children of the 80s.

Stepping up the difficulty factor a bit, but you’re ready for it! And honestly this is worth it. 

It’s hard to go past a good bloody mary. Bonus points because for some reason society thinks its acceptable to drink this cocktail at breakfast. Bloody marvellous.

Weird name, cause this little cocktail is the life of the party. Refreshingly frivolous.

Technically not a cocktail, but we never fail to be amused by the painful pleasure of a tequila shot. No recipe required.

A little too tasty. You’ve been warned!

You’ll either love it or hate it. We love it.

Our new favourite, this cocktail screams summer, but in a sweet, persuasive, melodic voice.