How to care for your Towels

Welcome to Kip&Co’s guide to before and after towel care! So, you've treated yourself to some fancy new towels, huh? Well, good for you! But now comes the tricky part - how do you make sure they stay as soft and fluffy as the day you bought them? Don't worry, we are here to help you out with our easy step guide on how to care for your gorgeous new towelling! The care for your towels will vary a little based on fabric, read on for our care tips for different fabrics.

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Turkish Towels are known to be so soft and fluffy. As such, initially they can fluff all over your other products…and nobody wants a lint cover blouse from a Turkish towel. So we highly recommended to wash these separately from other items the first 2 - 3  washes. You can pop these in a warm to low heat cycle in the dryer too, and afterward give them a good shake out baby to get rid of any little kinks or creases! 

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Terry towelling is the most sturdy and the simplest to care for, so you can pop these in a warm cycle ongoing. However, we do suggest washing on cold, and separately on first use, just to avoid fabric transference onto other fabrics. Terry towelling is our fave as it's the most durable and absorbent, she's a classic, and simple and requires the least amount of care! 


Our Waffle fabric can be a little more delicate, and we suggest gentle machine wash in cool water. Slight shrinkage is expected first wash, this product has been sized to allow for shrinkage.Give a good shake out after and pull apart a little whilst damp or try drying flat to gain back shape.

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Towel care Q&A

Q. Why are my towels not feeling as absorbent as I’d like?

A. Sometimes it may take a few washes to get your towels as absorbent as you’d like, simply due to occasional residue left from the production process.

They will improve with use and washing (we recommend a few times), but you can try the old trick of washing with 1/2 cup of baking soda or 1/2 a cup of white vinegar (one cycle of each, not mixed together)! 

This will thoroughly remove any residue from the production process. 

Fun fact: Silicon can be found in most fabric softeners — which actually makes towels water repellent, so they won’t get a good wash. 

Plus heat, on an unnatural silicon can be more harmful than softening! Keep it organic and clean with your most commonly found household ingredients, baking soda and vinegar!

Q. How often should I wash my towels?

A. Our suggested amount of time to wash them is after every three or four uses — but frequency also comes down to personal preference. Keep your cycle on a cooler setting to keep them looking fluffy for longer. Separate coloured from whites, as to avoid any colour transference, and trust us, add some baking soda instead of fabric softener for longer lasting towels! You may be worried that the smell will linger, but mix with your fave scented laundry washing detergent and you wont detect a thing! We also suggest air drying your towels out on a rack after each use, the sunshine is the best bacteria killer! 

Q. Should I tumble dry my towels?

A. Sure why not! Sometimes it is not avoidable if you live in a cold, or rain prone climate. Our hot tip: give them a good shake after washing. Avoid ironing, which can reduce absorbency. Plus, shaking helps prevent them from balling up in the dryer. One of our team members even suggest using a tennis ball! You may ask why? It will help remove any lumps, and clumps while tumbling around.

Now we have covered the basics, try these tips at home and we hope you can keep your new Kip&Co towels looking smick and brand new for longer! 

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