L.A. STYLIST - Tiffany Howell

 On a recent trip to LA, we met with the incomparably glamorous and effortlessly chic Tiffany, owner of Night Palm, one of our favourite Kip&Co stockists, and interior designer. We chat with her here about her recent gig fitting out the hot new hotel / bar / recording studio, Gold Diggers (with a little bit of Kip&Co, naturally!) Photos By Pablo Enriquez

Tell us a little bit about your intrepid career to date and how you ended up as stylist for this amazing hotel? When I first opened Night Palm a couple of years ago, I helped Dave Neupert (owner of GD) with some of the decor of his home. We developed a good relationship and he told me that he may have the perfect project for me coming up.  6 months later he had me tour the hotel and I was in love with his concept. Timing was right for me and I started right away!


What is the history of the hotel? The whole complex has a very interesting history, partly because of the area of Los Angeles it is located in and partly because of its own journey... The hotel used to be apartments that sat on top of the bar for many years. They had fallen into disrepair and were quite neglected. When we started the renovation process, we found quite the collection of treasures from all eras of the building. It was layers and layers of artefacts telling the story of this long neglected building. The recording studios used to be a large soundstage which was home to Ed Wood’s studios in the 50’s. It is where he filmed “Plan 9 From Outer Space” amongst other things. The original catwalks from the studios are still hanging - again with the historical layers! Legend has it that The Doors and Jimi Hendrix rehearsed there as well as later Slayer and the Guns N’Roses. It is also said that the pre-Guns N’ Roses combo Hollywood Rose allegedly had a lockout practice space there where they’d rehearse between binges. Basically this place is Hollywood Rock History!

What was the aesthetic brief for the hotel? The main brief was to create a fun and creative space that would feel like a better version of your own home. The hotel is obviously very music centric and it was important to the owner that we incorporated musical elements to each rooms. It resulted in a record player in each room, with a thoughtfully curated selection of LPs by Justin Gage aka Aquarium Drunkard. We also added cassette players in some of the rooms along with blank tapes for guests to record their own thing. [caption id="attachment_2598" align="alignnone" width="6196"]Gold Diggers - Photos By Pablo Enriquez Gold Diggers - Photos By Pablo Enriquez[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2597" align="alignnone" width="6196"]Gold Diggers - Photos By Pablo Enriquez Gold Diggers - Photos By Pablo Enriquez[/caption] What’s your advice for budding stylists? Always believe in your creativity, feed it daily and exercise it. Don’t be afraid to stay true to yourself.

What’s your favourite locals tip when in LA? (maybe one store - YOURS, one restaurant, one bar, one hotel GOLD DIGGERS, one market?) There are so many good places in LA right now.

Store: Night Palm(my store)
Restaurant : Speranza
Bar and hotel:  Gold Diggers
Flea Market: Rose Bowl
Sundry Market: The Good Mart

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