Home Life Series

Inside Georgina Bird's family home that oozes with colour, texture and art

This week on the Home Life Series we are welcomed into the colourful home of Georgina Bird, the powerhouse behind Kip&Co stockist, Crate Expectations

Just like her store, Georgina’s home oozes with colour, texture and art - the perfect reflection of her happy, bubbly personality. Come inside!

We recently visited your beautiful store Crate Expectations and are SO excited to now be welcomed through your beautiful home. First up, can you tell us how long you’ve been here and who lives here with you?

We have lived here for 2.5 years. I live here with my husband Cam, my two teenage girls Milla and Kitty and Peachy the black fluffy cavoodle pooch, who rules the house! We moved to be closer to the girls school, it’s a game changer when they can walk!!

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Your home has some pretty epic design features (can we take a moment to appreciate that bathtub!) But if you had to choose, what would be your favourite element and why?

The bathtub does make an amazing design feature, however, it acts more like a whirlpool for the kids rather than a peaceful sanctuary for me. My favourite room is my bedroom, where I get to bliss out and hide from the world. Only joking. Just the family. Winkity wink!!

As the owner of one of the best homeware stores in Melbourne, it’s safe to say you’ve got a pretty good dècor lineup. What are some of your non-negotiables when it comes to styling your home?

Well what a lovely thing to say firstly!!! For starters I love a good vase with fresh flowers. Then of course, bed linen...good quality cotton or linen are non-negotiable! I also love cheeky pieces like my resin ice-cream dogman from Gillie & Marc or my textured zebra that I’ve had forever.

You have an amazing collection of artwork that fills your home with joy. Where are some of your best spots to buy art?

T be honest, i’ve collected a lot of artwork through artists I’ve represented in my store over the last 17 years. From Ali McNabney-Stevens, Antoinette Ferwerda, Gina Fishman, Larissa Blake and Leah Bartholomew. I also have two slim Aarons, Poolside Gossip and Speedboat Landing.

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Just like us, you are clearly a huge fan of colour and texture! What does colour mean to you and why do you love putting it in your home, store and outfits?

Let’s face it black and white is just so dull and boring and doesn’t look great on me. I’m most happy when I’m dressed in colours that express how I’m feeling that day. It’s the same as in my store… it’s awesome when I see customers walk in and smile! That’s what it’s all about. Just like Kip&Co.