Home Life Series

Inside the home of colour queen Georgia Perry - illustrator, designer & girl boss

This week on Home Life Series, get ready to dive into a world of vibrant hues and infectious positivity with Melbourne-based artist, illustrator, designer, supermum, and all-around girl boss extraordinaire - Georgia Perry!

Starting her journey as a graphic design whiz, Georgia has soared to dazzling heights, painting the town with collaborations alongside global powerhouses. And now, she's unveiled her very own label, KIOSK - a treasure trove of whimsy and colour explosions for your home! 

On a mission to spread joy and optimism through the work that she does, we stepped into Georgia’s bright and bold world to discuss all things colour, her creative journey to date, and what makes a bangin’ moodboard.

Hi Georgia! We are huge fans of your incredible work and have been counting down the days to finally meet you! For those who haven’t yet heard of you, can you please introduce yourself? 

Hello! I'm a Melbourne based Illustrator / Designer. I've worked for myself as an illustrator for the past ten years, and I also design products for my brand KIOSK. I live with my boyfriend Dave and our daughter Daisy.

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Tell us about your creative journey to date. Did you always know you wanted to pursue a career as an illustrator and designer?

I grew up in a creative household (my Mum was a florist and my Dad was a ceramicist) so I always loved painting and drawing and hoped when I grew up I'd be able to do something creative too. I never really considered doing anything else!

A HUGE congrats on the launch of Kiosk - your very own stationary and gift brand! Tell us about this new venture and what sparked this decision? 

Thank you! I started creating products in 2014 that I just released under my own name. Mainly accessories and stationery featuring my illustrations. I then made a pop-up shop called KIOSK in 2018 which was so much fun. After the pandemic and having our baby, my partner Dave and I decided that life was too short and we both wanted to be working for ourselves so he joined the business.

We decided to rebrand my whole product line as KIOSK and that's where we are today! We just launched our new site and lots of new product categories. We're excited to grow it together :)

As soon as we stepped inside your home, the decor, styling and incredible knick knack collection instantly screamed ‘Georgia Perry’ (and we couldn’t have been more excited!). How would you describe your interior's aesthetic and what do you love about it?

We live in what I affectionately call a "Grandpa's house" – a rather retro, rented late 1960s three bedroom in the Western suburbs. We'd previously only lived in more modern apartments, but we wanted more space when we had Daisy and this house has surprisingly been so fun to decorate. My aesthetic hinges mainly around comfort and creating a welcoming vibe for my friends! We have lots of colour and texture and artwork around, but I like to think it's controlled chaos.

I am constantly restyling and rearranging rooms – it's one of my favourite things to do.

From one colour lover to another, what is it about geometric shapes, playful hues and fun illustrations that you love to put in your work and home?

For me, colour is life. It has such a huge impact on our moods and the energy of a space. I'm just innately inspired by it and drawn to it.

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As the queen of mood-boards, what are your top tips for creating a valuable board that is both visually appealing and motivating? 

Haha – I definitely love keeping a big moodboard in my office. It's an easy way to bring energy to a space and I like seeing what ideas are sparked through combining different objects and elements. I'm always collecting printed bits and pieces and about once a month I re-do my board. I don't think there are any rules – it's just about going with the flow.