From the Founders

Kip&Co Forever Founder's Edit

New season Forever has arrived! We chat to the Kip&Co founder's Kate, Hayley and Alex about what they are loving from our new season collection. 


I am so excited for the Field of Dreams bedding to come back as a staple - the Queen finally in her rightful place! Hands down our most popular print over the last decade, but I’ve somehow managed to miss out every time. Not this year! I’ll be adding to cart straight away, and I’ll love it even more because it’s all organic and works so well with our other cotton staples.



The girls (Quincy who is 4 and Pearl who is nearly 3) are in this blissful moment where they think what their mum makes is cool. I am dreading the day when they rebel against all my crazy colour! But in the meantime, they will be rocking out the two frill party dresses all summer long - perfect for all those end of year parties and Christmas shenanigans! Plus, they layer beautifully with a tee underneath if we get unlikely with weather. 



This long wet winter has me craving a carefree al fresco lunch at home with my girlfriends. They were the highlight moments of the last couple of years and I can’t wait to recapture that again as the days get longer and the nights warm up. I’ll be decking the whole scene out in Forever Floral and our new glassware - match made in heaven!



We are overdue for some new beanbags in the girls room too - now we’ve moved some of the baby things from their room, there is finally space to make a little zone for them in there, and the beanbags are the perfect transition piece.



My bedding pick this season is Foliage - it’s an old favourite of mine that we’ve reimagined and it’s everything I am looking for this summer: fresh, bright, summery and luscious. It’ll work perfectly in our little coastal home!



For the boys I will stock up on the Beach Life bedding - Fern was actually in the shoot for this and he was so into the print so I know it will be a winner! It’s a really fun nostalgic take on the beach theme and includes some of the names of our favourite beach spots around Australia, so it’s a good little story telling opportunity too.



This season’s waffle towelling is an absolute killer group - I am obsessed with the Forage Tartan and Tan and Cream Stripe but we’ve really focused on making sure they all work together so I think I might need one of each (and a new cupboard to store my towel obsession in!). Actually one of the things I love about waffle is that they are genuinely awesome for the bath or the beach, and they are so compact that it’s no hassle to carry five towels for my whole family.



And while we are down at the beach, I will be sipping on some delicious little cocktails that I will sneak in our new cooler beach bags. And that is summer sorted!



It actually takes about 18 months from when we start designing a range to when it’s delivered - and I have seriously been counting down that whole time for our new woven linens to arrive. They’re the beautiful mix of bold statement colour while also maintaining that sophisticated and relaxed look of linen that we all love. There’s been a hot debate in the office about what the winning woven linen is and I genuinely love them all, but I think the Tutti Frutti is my top pic - there’s some gorgeous tones that show through where they colours cross over. I love throwing all the textures together so will pair that with our Sweet Stripe woven through which has a lovely natural texture to it.



The kids will no doubt spend all summer down at the river and beach again,  and my only rule is that they need to whack on a rashie before they go. New season prints in swimmers and rashies are gorgeous so I'll be grabbing some to pop aside for early Christmas present shopping too.



I am looking forward to meeting a few new additions later this year (friends, not mine!), so will put together a sweet little Christmas romper set for their first Christmas.