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Time Friendly Bathroom Transformation Tips

We chat to the expert renovators behind the beautiful Bilinga Beach Abode, a 1960's inspired beach house in Queensland, Australia. As they embark on a new renovating adventure, we get the lowdown on their tips and tricks for a time friendly bathroom facelift.



1. How do you choose a colour palette for your bathroom?

Dark colours do not work well in a small space, for us it is a no go zone. Keep the walls fresh by using soft pastel or neutral tones complimented by white. Dazzle these tones by having your tapware and towels pop from the walls.




2. What are your top tips on how to refresh  a bathroom in under 10 mins?

Fresh new towels for sure, updating vases or ceramic's complimented with fresh or dried flowers of choice. Update soaps placed on ceramics, and a beautiful candle or two! 




3. What is the one product you can’t live without in your bathroom?

For us it is a collection of towels. It is important that we keep a fresh colour scheme on rotation which adds excitement to our bathroom constantly. Always including a variety of colours and textures.



4. What are your top 3 tips that you can suggest to anyone who is wanting to update their bathroom on a budget? 

1.The less tiles the better! Look at just tiling the shower walls and the floors. Not only does it help with the budget, but it will give your bathroom a sense of warmth to the area.

2. Sheet walls outside of shower with a wet area VJ panel board, regardless you would have had to sheet the walls prior to tiling so why not make it your finished result with only having to add paint to be more cost effective.

3. Use hooks for your towels! We tend to find brass or gold to match with your tapware gives the space a sense of elegance. You can even use timber if you have a neutral palette!




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