Home Life Series

Inside the stylish Sydney home of Emma Lerche, founder of resort fashion label, Luxe de Valentina

This week on the Home Life Series, join us for a tour inside the stylish Sydney home of Emma Lerche, the founder of resort fashion label, Luxe de Valentina.

Inspired by her deep love for travel, fascinating fabrics, a sense of drama, and any opportunity to dress up, Emma drew from fashion, style, and photography to create a fashion label that makes women feel both comfortable AND glamorous (win win)! 
Emma also seamlessly incorporates the feminine and elegant ethos of her brand into her home's aesthetic, creating a space that radiates classic, effortless charm.

Join us as we discuss all things slow fashion, style icons and inspiration behind her bold designs. If you’re looking for a sign to dress up your home and wardrobe, this is it!

Hi Emma! Thank you for welcoming us inside your stunning Sydney home. As the founder and designer of elevated resort label Luxe de Valentina, can you take us back to the beginning and share what inspired you to create your own brand? Was creating a fashion label a childhood dream of yours?

I have always been inspired by fashion, style and photography. It was an escape for me when I was growing up - hours spent reading through Vogue and stealing my Mother’s homewares magazines. When I started traveling, I found solus hunting through souks in the Middle East and vintage markets in Europe and the dream started from there. I was curious about how it would feel to create my own brand. Living in London in the 1990’s taught me the importance of self style, expression and an appreciation of shopping.

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Designed and crafted with thought and consideration, Luxe de Valentina is a slow fashion brand - can you talk us through what this means?

Until now, I have managed small production runs often using beautiful remnant fabrications and have had the luxury of producing my collections slowly, on my own timeline. My classic design style can live season after season so many of my customers can re-wear their pieces which is important to me. Now the business is growing internationally, the slow fashion approach may change to meet deadlines but I will always offer small production runs of exclusive designs and colours to my loyal customers in Australia.

What have been some of the biggest challenges and most rewarding moments throughout your career?

Managing egos and expectations has been a huge challenge for me during my career - human nature is a curious thing. The best reward - nothing has ever felt so heart-felt as having the support of my family and watching my girlfriends love wearing Luxe de Valentina. I am very blessed.

Every one of your designs are fabulous and effortlessly elegant. What do you hope to convey through these garments, and what inspires you to create Luxe de Valentina garments?

I want women to feel comfortable and glamorous in my clothes. Simple construction, interesting fabrics and a sense of drama is what inspires me, and a feeling of fabulous every time you step out the door.

Just like Luxe de Valentina, your Sydney home also embodies a similar feminine, elegant attitude. How would you describe your interior style and where do you source your inspiration?

As a creative with an obsession with fabrics and elegant lines, I naturally love interiors as much as fashion and I am drawn to classic colour pallets and luxe, tranquil spaces. As I move into my 50’s my style has matured and our interior needs have changed so I’m looking forward to the next project of renovating our heritage cottage and creating a luxurious, stylish space to incorporate our lifestyle changes as our children leave school.

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Who are your style icons for both the home and wardrobe?

In a fashion sense, the dream and beauty of Christian Dior and the modern luxe elegance of Victoria Beckham. For the home, I am heavily influenced by travel - I am constantly inspired by the stunning hotels and villas we have the privilege of staying in when traveling. I am attracted to properties that mix old with new, are filled with treasures and curated spaces with purpose.