Kip&Co X Dangerous Females

Dangerous Females is an incredible Australian organisation united on a mission to raise awareness, and much needed funding for organisations dedicated to supporting victims of violence or abuse.

Dangerous Females and Kip&Co have released a limited edition tee to help raise money for domestic violence organisations around Australia.

Grab you limited edition tee here!  




1. How did Dangerous Females begin?

In 2018, attacks on Australian women dominated the media headlines. We couldn't sit idle. We needed to take action. So we started Dangerous Females.

Dangerous Females was founded by three Brisbane mums during a playdate. We're all volunteers, balancing our day jobs and raising children with supporting a cause we all care about. Today we have grown with 2 new directors coming on board who share our vision!  

"Do something, don't do nothing," is our guiding principle. We're passionate about supporting women to live a life free of violence. We want to inspire each other, look after each other, and give each other confidence to be heard.

 2.  What drew you to this design for the Kip&Co x Dangerous Females  collaboration?  

Dangerous Females raises funds through the sale of t-shirts, jumpers and merchandise. We work in collaboration with a range of designs for each collab that share our values. The profits go to organisations that support women who are victims of abuse, assault and domestic violence.  

We are big fans of Kip & Co, we love your big, bold, bright colours and that instant brand recognisability! We also love other female led brands who support female strong work places! Yeah, the girls! Like us Kip & Co is a brand that doesn’t sit on the fence and are happy to use your platform to get in on global issues, and we appreciate your efforts around sustainability and conscious eco footprint.  




3. How can the Kip&Co community get involved?   

Buy the tee! Wear the tee! Take photos, tell your mates, colleagues and that lady down the street about the tee. Tell them about Dangerous Females and the work we are doing to highlight organisations around Australia who are making a difference to women and families who are leaving violent and coercive relationships.

4.  What’s next for Dangerous Females?

The ball never stops rolling at Dangerous Females, we have so many things planned! Our next BIG THING is Wear Your Dangerous Females T-Shirt Day- June 17th, so pop on your Kip&Co collab tee and pop the date in your calendar! We are also organising events for Brisbane and Melbourne to celebrate the day and to launch our super secret new Membership program (sssshhh.. we absolutely did not just tell you that) and lots more secret squirrel stuff and more collabs! There are so many more wonderful designers and brands that share our vision.




5. Where do the profits from the collaboration go?

We are currently raising money for Inner City Legal Centre in NSW they are a specialist legal advice and court support for LGBTIQA+ individuals experiencing or escaping domestic/family violence. Plus, Yemaya Women’s Support Service in Tasmania who offer a free and confidential service for all women inclusive of religion, identity, ability, sexuality, social background, or culture who are experiencing, or have experienced, abuse from an intimate partner.


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