Creating the ultimate Toasty bedtime ritual

Winter is the season of comfort food, soft lighting and snuggly blankets. But it can also be a season of disruptive sleep - from overheating, to lethargy and broken sleep cycles. That's why we've brought in expert Triona Maddick, founder of Frances Street, to give us her tops tips on creating the ultimate Toasty bedtime ritual.  

While keeping up your exercise routine and vitamin D are important considerations this time of the year - it's also the preparation of bedtime that presents the best chance of a divine night of sleep in the colder months.



Mood Lighting 

The only thing that is *lit* about my home from sunset in winter are my lamps. Diffused, mood lighting is the perfect way to unwind and relax, signaling to the body that the sun has gone down, and it is time to ‘switch off’. With mood lighting you can supplement any bright, more targeted lighting with candles, floor or table lamps and dimmers.

Tranquil Tunes 

Music is a huge part of my winter bedtime ritual, so at night you'll find me playing a collection of muted piano, silent strings and floaty sounds that transform my home into a relaxing oasis. 

Steam and Scrub Down 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of scrubbed skin against clean, soft sheets. One way to really indulge into a state of spa-type bliss in winter, is to maximise your shower steam, with a selection of essential oils. In the colder months I am drawn to lavender, rose geranium and bergamot. Before wrapping myself in a cozy terry or waffle robe I also like to scrub down with a dry body brush.

Bedroom Retreat 

Everyone loves snuggling into a cosy bed when it's cold, but it’s in the layers of blankets where you can find better quality sleep! Creating pockets of warmth within your layers keeps you snug, looks more stylish, and it also prevents you from overheating from one heavy cover. 

Cup of Cuddles 

Nothing says winter like a cuppa in one hand and good book in the other. I go out of my way to treating myself to the best possible night’s sleep, regardless of the season. A huge part of that ritual for me is found in a cup of Frances Street bedtime tea. I adore the lavender blend personally - it is lush, and I couldn’t imagine bedtime without it.