Our ethos

Conscious Collaborations

We use our voice to celebrate indigenous artists through conscious collaborations. Each year we work with an indigenous artist or artists to highlight their incredible talents through our channels.



Collaborations are an important way we can support artists, brands or causes we feel strongly about. In 2020 we collaborated with the Bábbarra Women's Centre from Arnhem Land. The centre was initially created as a safe space for women, and has now grown into a creative hub that enables future enterprises to support healthy and sustainable livelihoods. The Kip&Co X Bábbarra collaboration was best practice, with 50% of profits going back to Bábbarra, to support their initiatives It was important that the licence provided the artists with a true partnership, both in terms of profit and, importantly, in the development of the range itself. The agreement gave the artists key decision making in every step of the process.

We’re excited to share our next collaboration with an indigenous artist soon! Stay tuned.