Waffle on now!

Kip&Co was over the moon to be featured in Architechtural Digest's wrap up of the latest trend on towels!
  Kip & Co's current range in soft waffled cotton includes beach, bath and hand towels, face washers, bathrobes and ponchos coloured in four dreamy hues of candy, saffron, cantaloupe and bay blue.   With a fresh, new range coming in March, including all of the above and a little something for your feet with bathmats, Kip & Co continue to enhance your gorgeous water sanctuaries and the pleasure of having a splash!


  Check out the Architectural Digest article below or online in full here:
These are the best towels for small bathrooms If you feel like you’ve been seeing waffle bath towels in all the ‘grammable bathrooms lately, you’re not imagining it. The textured towel style that has been popular in Europe forevs is finally spreading stateside. Why? There’s no arguing they look fresh and modern, but their waffle design actually makes them great for smaller bathrooms, too. The honeycomb pockets draw moisture off the surface and into the base layer, making them way more absorbent than traditional terry cloth towels which just kind of push moisture around. And since there is actually more surface area on a waffle towel (again due to the honeycomb pocket design), they dry faster than a plush towel. If you’ve ever taken a shower in small bathroom, you are familiar with the awful feeling of a towel that’s still damp the next morning because of poor ventilation (not to mention the smell that comes with it). Waffle towels, in contrast, dry within one or two hours. Last but not least, waffle towels take up way less storage space than their bulky terry counterparts because of their flat-weave structure—which means you can buy multiple sets and do laundry less frequently. Who can argue with that? If you’re still not convinced, check out these awesome designs from our favorite brands.