Replacing Bed Linen

 This is how often you should be replacing your bed linen

Domain recently spoke with us about the ins and outs of replacing bed linen. The ultimate bed is one you want to dive right in to. Beautifully dressed, lofty and full, it is accessorised thoughtfully with perfectly plump pillows, a soft throw and plush quilt. With so much care going into our beds knowing when to replace certain key elements is essential. You can read the full article here.

 Pillows When choosing your perfect pillow, being aware of your habitual sleep positions is imperative to make the right selection. Every 12 months check your pillows for signs of wear and tear. “You are spending so much time in close contact with your pillow, that for your own comfort and health it pays to replace them. If they feel flat or lumpy or show signs of holding too much dust, there could be dust mites trapped inside.”

Follow the manufacturers instructions on laundering your linen.   A quality mattress should be chosen depending on your age and body.   

Bed linen “You know you have high-quality bed linen, when it’s still the set you want to dress your bed in years after you purchased it,” says Alex McCabe, designer at Australian bed linen company Kip and Co. “When purchasing, look for fabrics that will really last. That means that they need to be good quality and can mix and match well. Always select for the season. I love the warmth and comfort of jersey and velvet, but during the warmer months I gravitate towards 100 per cent cotton or French linen.” This summer, beds are set to bloom with beautiful botanicals, she says. “Think timeless florals, creeping vines, stone and citrus-fruit pops,” says McCabe. “Our latest collection is called In Full Bloom. It’s inspired by colour-drenched Europe in the spring.” For long-lasting, dreamy bed linen, be sure to launder mindfully. “Bed linen doesn’t have a use-by date,” she says, “but it will last a long time if you follow the care instructions.” When the fabric begins to look worn out or threadbare, it’s time to be replaced. “For longevity, let each set of bed linen rest by rotating it regularly. Each season, add to your collection, but don’t throw out your old stuff. Changing it up means it lasts longer and is a great way to refresh the whole look and feel of your bedroom.”