New year's resolution: surf

Summer is in full swing, which means its time start writing new year's resolutions. Top of our list is to seize the moment, grab a board and hit the surf with Beyonce's Surfboard cranking.
Fraser, from Salty Surf School, gave us a few hot tips for first timers: 1. Learning the correct technique to start with can save you months of frustration.
2. Get help picking the correct equipment for your ability, if in doubt the more volume in the board the easier it will be to learn. 3. Go easy on yourself, surfing is a difficult sport so manage your expectations and enjoy every moment. The best surfer is the one enjoying themselves and the ocean the most. If you're worried that your love affair with surfing will disappear with daylight savings, Fraser reckons you shouldn't worry; "Victorian winter is generally the best surf of the year and if its an off season Indonesia is only a few hours flight". If you are staying local in Victoria, Fraser recommends Gunnamatta and Point Leo for the manageable and ever changing breaks for first timers.
So who does a seasoned surfer like Fraser have pinned up on his fan wall? Kelly Slater of course - "11 times world champ not to mention being 44 and still competing in the WCT! He has evolved with the sport and in my mind best athlete in any sport to this day". So check out some kelly youtube to pump you up before you hit the surf this summer. See you out there! Fraser runs Salty Surf School on the Mornington Peninsula - check out @saltysurfschool for more information.