Meet Em - The Founder Of Yogi Peace Club

Our inner yogi is excited to launch the Yogi Peace Club x Kip&Co collaboration - a considered edit of yoga products featuring our favourite Native floral print. Yogi Peace Club are a brilliant Aussie brand based in Torquay, just around the corner from us, and the collaboration sprung from that special local connection, and our shared values around sustainability, transparency, and design. We chat to Emily about her career in Yoga and get to know more about how the collaboration came to life. 


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1. Tell us about YPC, what was the inspiration behind starting the brand.

Hi my name is Em and I am the founder of Yogi Peace Club. I created Yogi Peace Club with one intention, to design yoga products that make people feel supported in their yoga practice. I started Yogi Peace Club in 2014 on the surf coast near Bells Beach, Torquay Australia. Yogi Peace Club derives its influence and inspiration from yoga and nature. Our unique yoga mat prints and clothing can be recognised in yoga studios across the world.

As a yoga teacher I love to share, practice, and test our products with fellow teachers and students to ensure our products are not only made sustainably, but also, they perform at home or in the studio. I hope that our Exclusive Kip&Co collaborative styles inspire your inner yogi to get on your yoga mat.




2. What role does yoga play in your life?

I simply can’t live without yoga; I feel it in body and mind when I am not practicing. Yoga teaches me to slow down, be present and find life balance. It is a deep passion of mine, I practice every day, and I am also a yoga teacher.

When I step on my yoga mat, I feel home. Yoga has the ability to transform the body and mind, so I take that philosophy in the business and ensure we operate with a sense of empathy, sustainability, and our practices that are in line with a yogic way of living. Being able to do what I love in my personal life, and bring that into my working space, makes me feel so blessed and grateful every day.


3. How did this collab come about?

Kip&Co are such a beautiful, aspirational brand that I have been purchasing and following for years. We were so excited when we decided to collaborate together.

Being from similar areas on the coast of Victoria, we were already connected to the Kip&Co girls through many mutual friends. I first met Hayley, one of the founders when we were new mums. I am originally from Barwon Heads which is Hayleys home town, so we know many of the same local people.

We chatted on the phone early this year with the possibility of bringing the two brands together and fast track to now, we are so proud to be finally releasing the collaborative products that feature the classic Kip&Co native artwork using our yoga products.


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4 . What do you see as the common elements of our brands?

We are extremely proud to be collaborating with Kip&Co, another like-minded Australian brand. Both the brands draw upon many similarities I think that’s why the collaboration felt so natural.

There are many common elements between the two brands; we both have women running the companies, a commitment to sustainability and transparency, premium products that are long lasting, designs that are colourful and uplifting, and the fact both our brands have very unique aesthetics.

We admire the Kip&Co ethos, and the fact that they are a carbon neutral brand. The team has taken such significant steps from an ethical, sustainable and environmental stand point to create a brand that truly cares, and is connected to the environment. We couldn’t think of a better partner to collaborate with.


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5. What was the collaboration process like?

What do they say?.... “your vibe attracts your tribe?!” Well, that’s exactly how we felt working with the Kip&Co team. When we shot the collection, it felt like being with old friends. The girls are so professional and inspirational. They know how to make things roll out seamlessly, while still having fun and enjoying the ride.


6. What is your favourite item from the range?

My fav item has to be the yoga mat. The Kip&Co Native print looks so beautiful on the yoga mat. I tested this yoga mat and loved looking down on the stunning artwork as moved through my poses. It gave me a sense of connection to the Australian nature, which I think both of our brands represent.

Our latest products are the perfect pieces to compliment your home yoga space for when you roll out bed in the morning and step onto your yoga mat.


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