Christmas Appeal - St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums are a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation who aim to share the joy of motherhood while saving the earth's resources. They recycle nursery equipment like cots, prams and car seats as well as clothing, linen and other baby essentials to support Victorian families in need.  These families may be refugees or asylum seekers, they may be fleeing domestic violence or experiencing financial hardship.  St Kilda Mums also have branches in Ballarat and Geelong. 

For one week in December, Kip&Co donated a bamboo swaddle for every order placed, to St Kilda Mums for the beautiful mums and babies they support.

We spoke to Gil from St Kilda mums to find out a bit more about this awesome charity

1. Can you tell us a little about St Kilda Mums?

St Kilda Mums is a Victorian charity that recycles nursery equipment like cots, prams, high chairs and car seats, as well as clothing and linen.  We've been around for almost 9 years now and have grown very quickly in that time!  Last year we supported over 13,500 babies and children.

2. How did you first get involved in St Kilda Mums?

I first became involved as a volunteer, when St Kilda Mums was operating out of a garage down a laneway in Elwood. I had just returned from living overseas and was looking for a way to reconnect with my community.  I would help out by packing baby clothing bags.  It was such a great way to meet people and the enthusiasm of everyone involved was just infectious.  Really the momentum has continued to build ever since.

3. What is the most rewarding thing about your role?

I really get to see the impact that the support of the business community can have.   Whether it's spending a day volunteering, donating products or money, or sponsoring an event, it is all vital and contributes greatly to us being able to help more babies and children in need in Victoria.  Working on projects with businesses where their support has made a very tangible difference to a family in need is very satisfying for me and for them!

4. Who will the Kip&Co Christmas Appeal donations go to?

The Christmas Appeal donations will go out to families in need via our linen packs who will be finding it very difficult to afford essential equipment, clothing and linen for their new baby.   Receiving a gift of donated items from St Kilda Mums helps to relieve the anxiety around this so they can focus on caring for their new baby, with the knowledge that there are others who care about them and support them.