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How To Style Your Bar Cart In Five Easy Steps

We're putting the happy in happy hour, with five of our top bar cart styling tips! Learn how to style your bar cart with colourful glassware and more.


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1. Colourful glassware to style your bar cart


It’s no doubt that spirits, liquor and mixers are the back bone of any bar cart. However, coming in at a close second has to be your choice of glassware. Glassware is a great way to add height, texture and colour to your bar cart style, so it's important you choose ones that not only suit your preferred drink, but compliment the look and feel of your bar cart. Look no further than Kip&Co's hand crafted glassware to add an element of colour and conversation to your bar cart. Handmade and mouth blown, our range of glasses are the perfect bar cart companion. 


We recommend placing around 4-5 glasses on your cart, of all different shapes and sizes. Common styles would include cocktail or coupe glasses, but others can include tumblers, wine and martini glasses. 



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2. Don’t forget your statement tea towel!


Making an out-of-this world cocktail won’t come easy, and usually will require a little bit of mess. Why not get prepared and always have a (funky) tea towel on hand. Kip&Co’s french flax linen tea towels and napkins are stylish, colourful and unique, and will be sure to add that extra bit of pizazz to your bar cart. 


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3. Use ingredients as decor


When it comes to bar cart styling, don't let limited space be a hurdle. Get clever and use your tasty cocktail ingredients for styling pieces! Bring in pops of colour with citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. Even better, why not place these garnishes in a vibrant and unique bowl. Kip&Co’s enamelware range features a collection of bright and colourful dishes that are perfect for holding ingredients, garnishes and even snacks. 



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4. Add your utensils


Before you get too carried away with your bar cart styling, it’s important to understand what items logistically need to be on your bar cart. This can include items such as your cocktail shaker, cutlery, bottle openers, cocktail utensils and of course, your desired liquor. Make sure you find space for them on your bar cart, and ultimately choose utensils that will fit the theme and style of your cart.



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5. Style your bar cart with funky props


A great way to personalise your bar cart is by adding styling props that will fit your interiors and vibe of your cart. Adding things like a fun vase of flowers, coloured candles, books and other funky decor items will really bring your bar cart to life! 


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