Five Simple Steps to Five Star Hotel Luxe at Home

What is it about stepping into a hotel room that just makes you let out a deep breath and relax? Here’s some tips to get your home feeling rancho relaxo, fancy hotel style.

1. Clean, crisp, cotton. The three Cs every hotel swears by. Want five star vibes? Iron those sheets, peeps, and then tuck them in nice and tight. 

2. Rugged. And when you slip off those cute fluffy new slippers, don’t leave your toes stranded - they’re used to the finer things in life now! Get a new season rug for your boudoir.

3. Slip into something more comfortable. Forget about smuggling the slippers and robe out of the hotel, ours look cuter anyway.

4. Don’t forget the details - a valance is a hotel must, and it’s that eye for detail that elevates your bedroom from ho hum to heavenly.

5. Mini bar. No, we don’t sell cocktails but we do sell funky glassware. Cute little hipster negroni?! Yes, please.