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How To Find Your Perfect Bra Size

Our new collection of organic cotton bralettes and underwear have been created to keep you supported from day to night so finding the right size is so important. A poorly fitted bra can cause back, shoulder and neck tension, pinching, chafing, sagging and overspill. Here's a handy guide to find your perfect bra size.

How to measure to find your perfect bra size?

You can do your own measurements with or without a bra on, we suggest without and grabbing a friend to give you a helping hand! Stand upright, grab a measuring tape, measure in inches around your back and right under your bust. Remember, snug but not tight! Use our size chart below to help you measure which size is the perfect bra size for you.


What if I land on an odd number?

Round up to the nearest mm. Even number? That’s your size!

Do I go with my usual top and bottom size?

Yes! Our undies and bralettes are designed to compliment your usual top and bottom size. Our organic cotton bras are suitable for an A-C cup. For example, if you wear a size 10 with a b cup, a size 10 bra is true to size.



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What if the bra straps are digging or falling off and the band is riding up?

First, always see if you can loosen/tighten the strap. Our bralettes feature an adjustable strap, making it easy for you to adjust to your desired fit. If this still provides no relief or support, it’s time to up or down size your bra. 


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