Home Life Series

Seaside Dreaming - Inside The Home of Bec Lamperd

Our Home Life Series is a weekly sneak peek into the homes and lives of Australia's most creative and inspiring people.

This week on the Home Life Series, we’re chatting to Bec Lamperd - superhero mum of four and founder of popular Ocean Grove surf school, Surf Sessions. When she’s not riding the waves, Bec’s passion is flipping houses - where her coastal interiors style shines through. Today we take you inside her current project; a dreamy seaside shack.




1. Let’s start with a little bit about you - how did you end up running a surf school in this awesome little patch of the world?

I’ve always been a pretty laidback and breezy chick who loved the outdoors. I grew up in a small country town in South Gippsland, away from the beach, but after Moving to the beach along the Bellarine in the late 90’s, it instantly felt like home to me. I met my hubby Cam who grew up in Ocean grove. He is such a passionate and avid surfer, so you could say the rest is history!

Together we started a small surf school about 15 years ago which grew quickly with the support of so many locals, schools programs and holiday makers…. Cam loves the technical side of surfing and I could absolutely relate to the beginners - the challenge and fun of learning.





2. Your a mum of four beautiful boys- how important has surfing been in their upbringing?

Immeasurable!! Firstly, it wears them out and that's a bonus for any mum of boys. The ocean and surfing has taught my kids so many valuable life lessons. Respect, fitness, challenge, community, environment and fun….it has it all. Running a family business is such a great way to teach the kids a great work ethic and to earn some cash over summer. It's a very social job hanging at the beach and we’ve meet some great life long friends along the way. The ocean has such a calming effect on our family but also a great physical challenge and we are so grateful to share that with others in the surf school.





3. Other than surf lessons from mum, what are your go to activities come school holiday time with 4 sons?

Haha, let's be clear…. It's the other way around. I think all of my kids could out surf me very early on. I have a great team of local surf coaches to cover for me. 

The majority of our holidays do revolve around the surf. Bali has always been great quick go to for us but we also love heading down the coast to Port Campbell or across to Wilson Prom. It's hard to get the boys and hubby away from the coast but I’m not complaining. It's a sport that takes you to amazing locations. Next year we are hoping to get to Hawaii





4. In addition to running the surf school you also have an interest in flipping houses and have an incredible style that we love. What do you love/loath and any tips?

I just like to keep busy and active so during the off winter surf school season I get busy with house and garden stuff. I generally keep my style simple, light and beachy. I’m good at keeping to a budget, which can be so hard with all of the beautiful products on offer but it actually makes the whole process quicker and easier.

I usually always stick to my first choice of products and colours and move on to the next thing without looking back. 





5. What can you tell us about you gorgeous home that you’ve just finished and who lives here?

Our house is full of activity and I’m re-thinking the white walls with ours sons Zeph, Jet, Teal and Bay and little jack Russell dog, George. If they aren’t wrestling all over the place banging into the walls they are bouncing basketballs or footballs through the house. Nothing is too precious…. That stuff has already been broken, ahhhh!!

We bought here in 2001 and our old beach house was so great for almost 20 years but eventually fell down around us. We’ve demolished and have re-built something very similar. Classic weather board beach house.





6. Whats your favourite room and why?

I love my green bathroom. The tiles remind me of the green in a wave. This is about the only no boys zone in our house. I’m trying desperately to keep it that way for as long as possible. I also love sitting outside on the sunny deck with a g&t while the kids get warm in the spa after a cold winter surf.




7. Whats your favourite Kip&Co thing in the latest range?

The waffle towels for sure. As you could appreciate, I’m always washing and drying towels. They are so durable and quick drying. I’m loving the colours in this range as they suit our relaxed beach vibe at home and the beach.