Home Life Series

Inside Lisa Wipfli and Wippa’s Sophisticated Sydney Sanctuary

Today we take you inside the home of Lisa Wipfli - mum of three, style icon, wife to radio guru Wippa, and director of our fave nutritional baby food brand, Nourishing Bubs. Lisa shares her interiors tips and the style inspiration behind her sophisticated Sydney sanctuary. Plus, we get HEAPS of great healthy parenting tips, and the low down on Nourishing Bubs, and why the kiddos dig it so much.


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1. Tell us a little bit Nourishing Bubs - what was the gap you saw in the market and what’s the response been like?

I wish I could take the credit for coming up with the concept however my friend, Olivia Bates who is a Paediatric Dietitian is the Founder. Olivia could not believe there was not a vegetable focused starter pack of individual purées to make the ‘starting solids’ stage easy for parents. At the time that Olivia was about to launch the business, I had finished introducing solids to my second boy, Jack and so it resonated with me how brilliant this product was. I loved it and became Olivia’s business partner. All the products currently available are ‘shelf stable’ and full of fruit to make it sweet. What we need is to educate our babies to love veggies, and who’s got time to purée 10 different vegetables? 




2. Nourishing bubs is so awesome for the little tackers (we know because we used it ourselves! - had a fun game taking bets on which would be the most popular flava), but what tips do you have for encouraging healthy eating as your kids get older?

Ironically it seems babies love the beetroot the most because it’s naturally sweet, however it certainly not the parents favourite five how messy it is. The key to healthy eating For children is to start young with great eating habits and it all comes from what you as a family and as parents eat. A couple of tips:

- From this first mouthfuls feed your children veggies. I thoroughly advise you make your life easy and buy the Nourishing Bubs Starter Pack (I’m not biased at all) 

- Sit down as a family to eat your dinner. Children learn from us, so if they see you eating well, they will do the same. 

- Include lots of lovely colourful whole foods to the plate and a nice variation of veggies, protein and grains. Even if they go through a fussy stage, continue to add veggies. 

- Make eating times a happy and relaxing environment. 

- As they get older, talk about nutrition and use treats as ‘sometimes foods’. Talk to them about how food is fuel for our body and what foods help our brain, and growth etc.



3. Other than become a nutrition queen, what’s the one piece of parenting advice you’d give to your younger (pre-mum) self?

Just relax. Don’t stress so much if everything isn’t perfect and go with the flow. Just live in every moment because boy does the time fly. 

4. You’ve moved into a beautiful new home in Sydney, tell us why this was “the one”?

It’s hard to explain but for me, when I walk into a house I instantly know if it’s ‘the one’. It’s all about the floor plan and whether it has ‘good bones’. The house we purchased needed a big aesthetic renovation, but the bones and floor plan were great and I could visualise us as a family living there comfortably for the next 10 years. 



5. What’s your interiors style and how have you gone about making the space your own?

I love a neutral palate and bringing in colour through art and one off pieces. We very much used this concept for our renovation so the house feels calm even when we have three children running around. 



6. We’ve just launched out new staples linen range - what do you love about linen bedding?

I love linen, it feels very natural and I love how light it is to sleep under a linen duvet. Your new linen range is so beautiful and the soft earthy colours are divine.

7. What are your bedtime rituals?

I work on my laptop until 9.30pm, then I read in bed for an hour whilst my essential oil defuser is running and then meditate for 5 minutes. 


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