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6 Perfect Picnic Essentials For Your Next Outing

As the weather warms up here in Australia, now is the perfect time to adventure outside with your friends and family and embrace the warmth with a wholesome picnic

Here are six picnic essentials to elevate your kit for your next outdoor adventure, ranging from picnic mats, glassware, table linen, tableware and more. These picnic essentials will be outshining your charcuterie board in no time!

1. Picnic Mat 

The foundation to any picnic - the humble picnic mat. Perfect for any location, surface or terrain. Even if you have a couple in your arson, our new range is the perfect excuse to add another print to your collection.

2. Bamboo Melamine 

Your eco-friendly staple - bamboo melamine plates, cups, jugs, bowls & more. Not to mention, these are the ultimate picnic-safe pieces as they’re durable (plus they get bonus points for having a summer-themed print).

3. Cutlery 

Embracing reusable cutlery is a fantastic way to contribute positively to the environment. Serve up good vibes on your next picnic whilst elevating your collection with our bright and beautiful resin cutlery.

4. Beach Bag 

Bringing your picnic to the beach? Keep your sandy swimmers away from your summer of fun. Our Beach Bags literally makes life a beach. Plus - choose from a range of materials. Our Beach Bags come in 100% recycled PET, terry toweling, recycled PET plastic coated canva (100% waterproof), so no matter your adventure, we’ve got you covered.

5. Napkins 

Nothing is more chic than spicing up your picnic kit with some linen napkins. Incorporating some classic linen napkins can elevate your casual luncheon to a celebrated banquet. Make a colourful statement with our new Summer Lily print. 

6. Glassware 

Raising a glass to the warmer weather has never been easier (or more colourful) than with our handmade and hand blown glassware. These pieces will be as unique as your picnic and no matter the celebration, will fit right into your collection. 

Our new Holiday Collection has the perfect picnic essentials to elevate your picnic experience for spring, summer and beyond. Leave a lasting impression on your friends with your breathtaking picnic hosting and appreciate the vibrance of these investment pieces for years to come.