Our Founders' top ceramics finds of all time

Don’t panic, it’s ceramic! 11 of our founders' top ceramics finds of all time.

Not a radio station, but with a following far and wide, we always dig the way they spread the maximal vibes on the Insta airwaves. Like a mouth full of summer on your palate and colour in your palette. Definite investment pieces, but worth saving the pennies! Better investment in Bitcoin we reckon - and you can eat off them too.
Why use one medium when you can use, well, MORE! These pieces mix and mash everything from yarn bombing to classical norms to subverting sculptural forms. Perfectly imperfect and full of colour. We’re blown away. Hat tip to Kate for opening this amazing door for us.
A Bellarine favourite, Takeawai has been perfecting the tea mug down in Torquay since way back when. Also add to cart the boob jewel box, the extra nipple we never knew we needed. PS she does a great short ceramics course if you’re looking for one. Alex took along Pearl when she was a few weeks old, cute!

Meanwhile, over on the other Peninsula (aka the Ninch), Britt Neech is tearing it up, making goddess-worthy tactile vessels and artwork, and sharing her tips in small group classes. (Alex gives 10/10!)
Hyper-local to Kate & Hayley, we love Emma’s swoon-worthy earthy dinner plates. Can’t be beat if you’re looking to elevate your everyday crockery. Dish it, girlfriend.
Hayley’s strawberry vase has featured in almost more of our Kip&Co photoshoots than our own children. It’s just so damn cute, and all the way from Italia. Ciao bella!!  

Dreaming of Europe 24/7 but not sure when you’ll be dusting off the ol’ passporte?! Us too! Never fear, Alex and Trahanas has your hit of Euro ceramics (amongst other gorgeous pieces) sorted. Shhh, don’t tell your Sydney fam they are only down the road in Paddo.
She really should be top of the list but honestly we are scared to get the word out too far in case everything is snapped up before we can buy it! Functional ceramic art that you’ll cherish your whole life. Between us we’ve probably collected enough to start a gallery of Kaye’s work. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been slipping Kaye into your subconscious since Kip photoshoots were pips. We love you Kaye!  
Stand up Lauren… and take a bow. Quite literally oozing with colourful goodness, we are huge fans of these delightfully weighty ceramics, with their signature lava-like edge dripping over like icing on a cupcake.

All the way from LA, we cherish our sweet, teeny, wavy-gravy vase. As idiosyncraticly iconic as Jeff Spicoli’s trainers from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sigh.
Keeping it in the Kip&Co family, this talented lady is Hayley’s sister in law and we just love her organic and nature-driven vibes.