NZ Travel Guide with Superette

We recently caught up with the legends behind New Zealand Kip&Co stockist, Superette. With six stores across the country we couldn’t think of anyone better to give us the lowdown on some local tips for our next visit!


Bored with the thought of a ‘nine-to-five’ job, Superette owners and friends, James Rigden and Rickie Dee set out to create a collection of curated goods from all over the world to sell in an industrial space on Drake Street. Almost eighteen years on, Superette aims to cultivate a unique vision of effortless lifestyle and redefine the idea of luxury living. Curational buying ensures every product has a story and relevance to Superette’s ethos, actively aiming to create a culturally relevant experience influenced by the flow of the zeitgeist and trends of the fashion industry.


Lilian Restaurant,



Opening in late March, Commercial Bay in downtown Auckland will be an absolute must-see. Commerical Bay will be Auckland’s newest precinct full of amazing shopping (including our biggest store ever) and epic restaurants and bars, we can’t wait!


Depot has to be one of our all time faves. Can’t go past the Oysters, Fish Sliders & Skirt Steak. Divine!.


Lilian in Grey Lynn is a new one on our favourites list. It has insane food - think prosciutto and roasted grape pizza, fresh burrata and grilled peaches with whipped ricotta - and an amazing vibe.

Fix &Fogg,



Denzien Urban Distillery is just across the road from our Wellington Store on Lombard Lane. They do amazing artisan cocktails with super cool partners such as No Ugly Tonic.


Fix & Fogg is every peanut butter lovers dream. Located in the laundry room of an old 1930s shoe factory, Fix and Fogg is a little hidden gem serving delicious toast with various toppings through a little window.


If you’re out and about for dinner, Mr Go’s is a team fave – get one (or two) of the Gua Baos and thank us later!

Lake Ohau,



Amazonita is just down the road from our Christchurch store and a super cool spot to grab a drink or bite to eat with friends.


Christchurch is also home to a couple of secret bars – one of our faves is Red Light District where access is only available through drycleaner’s Charlie Winston’s of Chelsea.


We would also recommend a road trip to Lake Ohau. You can drive from either Christchurch or Queenstown and it truly is one of the most magical places on earth. Epic skiing, super cute lodge and insane views.