Rental as anything : 5 ways to do a mini-makeover on your rental

1. Start by decluttering. You don’t have to go all Marie Kondo, but a thorough cleanse of your belongings can be a beautiful therapeutic thing…and, it’s free!
2. Upgrade your lighting. Good lighting is probably the most transformative thing you can do in any house. There’s actually a lot you can do as a renter - simple things like getting better and brighter globes can do wonders, but consider switching out old lighting fixtures (make sure you keep them for when the rental period ends) with something fresh.
3. Wall to wall. Check first, but loads of landlords would be happy with a fresh lick of paint. You might not be able to go too wild (we’re crushing on some deep green and lilac tones right now!) but even a nice bright white can give you a great canvas to work with. If painting is a no go, try some temporary wall paper. Some of our favourite shoots ever have featured amazing floral and leafy walls, and with temporary paper you really can’t go wrong.
4. Too hot to handle. Little fixtures like cupboard handles and tap ware can be easily swapped out - whether you’re a matt black kind of guy or gal, or you’re channelling a splash of gold, there’s something for you!


5. Soft furnishings. Shameless plug here but truly the easiest way to have an injection of colour and give yourself a styling shake up is through your soft furnishings. A beautiful floor rug can be an investment for life, adding new cushions can save a tired couch, but there is truly nothing better than fresh new bedding. Nigh nigh.