Milly + Coup x Kip&Co

Introducing our exciting new collaboration with @millyandcoup, make a statement with two must have stroller colour packs, featuring our signature Meadow and Pretzel prints. Available exclusively online at Discover more about the collaboration in our latest blog.
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1. Tell us a little bit about M&C:

Our mission at Milly + Coup is to cut out the confusion that surrounds stroller buying, and to make purchasing your first stroller a fun and easy experience (yes, it is possible)! We're an Australian owned business with most of our team parents (or expecting) themselves and we get that a pram needs to be EASY and fit into your everyday life. We make quality, functional products with personality, designed by and for real parents.

2. How did this collab come about?

We want our prams to be an extension of our customers, letting them show off their own personal style with our Colour Packs. We’re always looking for new on-trend designs and as parents ourselves, we’ve always loved the personality and functionality of the Kip&Co products. As two Australian brands focused on quality, design and fun, we think it’s the perfect match!

3. What are your top tips for choosing a pram?

First things first: the key to finding the right pram is to understand and prioritise the features that are going to be most important to you. Every family and lifestyle is different, so what’s right for your bestie or your sibling may not be the right fit for you. Figure out how you’ll be using the pram and the key features that matter.

Do your research! There's a lot of variety out there in pram-land, which can be both a blessing and a curse. The first point of call will be understanding the different types of baby transport and the pros and cons of each.

Don’t get fooled by fancy marketing (or big mark-ups)! Like everything in life, you don’t always get what you pay for, so pay attention to the key features you want your pram to have. Many brands will not include key accessories that you really need every day, so make sure you’re checking what’s included in the total package.  

4. What’s the biggest mistake people make when looking at prams?

Expecting that more expensive = better. When it comes to pram buying, you wan’t to focus on the functionality and quality materials of each model you’re looking at. Some of the bigger brands are able to trade on their brand names and haven’t updated their models in years. They also have to up their prices to cover all of their marketing, distributor and retailer costs, so you end up paying more for their margins than their products!

5. How long should a pram last?

This question is a bit tricky as it really depends on the type of pram, how long/often you’re using it, how many children you use it with eg: a lightweight/super compact umbrella stroller won’t hold up to the regular day to day punishment that a full-sized stroller would, but it has its place and is useful; in certain situations. Would prefer to leave this question out as there are just too many variables to give a quick answer that would be helpful to your readers (you could write a whole blog on this!).

6. What’s your fave spot to take a pram stroll?

The only think keeping us sane during the Melbourne lockdowns has been our daily strolls! We love wandering through the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, (especially the Children’s Garden) and of course we’re always stopping by the Botanical to pick up a takeaway coffee on the way