Kip&Co x Made by Pen

Introducing our newest collab with Made by Pen! Made By Pen (Pen) is an Australian design studio and production collab that creates original, innovative and architecturally inspired objects & homewares. Run by Amy Sellick, Pen partners with Australia’s most inspired designers, architects and makers to transform an idea from pen and paper through to the global market. Motivated by progress, their homewares are designed to make the places we work, live and play more functional, beautiful and evolved.
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1. We are so excited about this partnership, your dog rooms are an absolute work of architectural art. Can you tell us about PEN.

Pen (Made by Pen) is an Australian product design studio founded on the principles of good design. We partner with Australia’s most inspired designers, architects and makers to deliver products that are authentic, well-resolved and set to last a lifetime. We are motivated by progress. Our studio collection is designed to make the places we work, live and play more functional, beautiful and evolved.

The Dog Room is designed by Melbourne architect Michael Ong. The concept is inspired by basic archetype of a house complete with pitched roof, and is a child’s typical line drawn representation of a home.

2. How did the collaboration between Kip&Co and PEN come about?

I have been a long-time fan of Kip & Co and as a result I have always looked for the chance to incorporate these iconic prints into our range. With the Dog Room re-launching last year we were flooded with questions regarding beds and cover options. As an Australian designed and made kennel we also wanted to partner with Australian brands to develop the bed and cover. It was the perfect opportunity to approach Kate for a partnership! We selected Rainbow’s End to imbue some cheerfulness to homes and pet owners suffering through 2021 lock-downs!

3. Can you tell us about HELP the social enterprise production team you work with to manufacture the Dog Room’s?

Pen’s ethos centres on ‘good’. We believe if we work as hard as you can to do and be good in your process, the products you create will be instilled with your invested positivity. We spend time and effort finding people with this same view, from our designers through to our production partners. We don’t want to work with people who simply want to trade a product for the most money possible. We want people who are happy doing good. HELP Enterprises is just that. A workplace full of good and happy people.

HELP is a Queensland based not-for-profit that specialises in providing opportunities for people with disabilities. The manufacturing arm furthers the organisations mission of “Enhancing the Lifestyle and Independence of People with Disability” by bringing their skills to market. We are honoured to partner with them.

4. Where can I go to purchase a PEN x Kip&Co dog room?

The limited-edition range is offered at